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AA leukemia

Question Answer
aplastic anemia --> cell number?pancytopenia
reticulocyte count in aplastic anemia low
AA rxciclosporin and supportive
aplastic anaemia bone marrow show?hypocellular Bempty and fatty
which drug causes aplastic anaemiachloramphenicol
what virus cause AAparvovirus
sudden fall in Hb without appropriate reticulocytosis (<3%) is typical of what ?aplastic crisis
faconi anemia is inherited or acquired?inhertied
faconi is cytopenia or pancytopenia?pancytopenia
slapped cheek syndrome (transient red cell aplasia) -- what virusparvovirus B19
faconi abnormalities (3)horshoe kidney, absent thumb, cafe au lait
leukaemia infiltrate vs aplstic anemia or faconipresence of abn cells while aplastic and faconi both have normal morphology
aml causes neutrophilia or neutropenianeutropenia
cml causes neutropenia or neutrophilia neutrophilia
drug causes agranulocytosis -> splenomegaly or notno
philadelphia chromosome ?9:22
philadelphia chromosome --> which leukaemia?CML
ALL stain ?Tdt +ve
chemo for ALL need prophylaxis for?CNS, scrotum
ALL symptoms: general leuk + what?CNS meningism
chromosome related to AML number15:17
AML can be caused by CML and MPD and MDS
bone marrow biopsy of AML showsauer rod
auer rod increases risk of DIC
what symptoms is AML different from ALL no CNS involved
one classic symptom of AMLgum bleeding
55-year-old male with fever, fatigue, generalized weakness, and bleeding gums for the past 3 weeks presents to his family physician. On exam, he has bilateral submandibular lymphadenopathy and hepatosplenomegalyAML
smudge cellCLL
CLL --> lymphocyte #?lymphocytosis
CLL S&S: lymphadenopathy character (3)rubbery, generalised, non- tender
CLL associaed with which anameia MAHA warm IgG
herpes zoster is a complication of which leukaemiaCLL
CLL resides in where? in tissue
commonest leukaemia?CLL
CML associated with what very importantphilly chrom 9:22
gout, splenic enlargement, anaemia and bruise which leukaemiaCML
classic finding in CML cell typebasophilia
Hb # in CMLdecrease
urate and B12 increases -- what leukaemiaCML acutally also in all myoproliferative
bone marrow in CMLhypercellular
Rx of CML imatinib: tyroinse kinase inhibitor
CML resides in whereblood
CLL is proliferation of what b- cellsnaive
CLL lymohadenopathy called?small mature lymphocytic lymphoma
An elderly man presents with Coomb’s test positive haemolytic anaemia. He has a lymphocytosis of 20 X 109/L. A blood film shows small mature lymphocytes, smear cells and spherocytesCLL
MDS vs MPNMDS - abn maturation MPN- normal mature
real and primary erythrocytosis examplepolycythemia vera
plethora is a classic symptom of ?poly vera
RBC increase, WBC increase, Plt increase, JAK +ve dx?poly vera
polycythemia vera EPO level?low
rx of poly veravenesection
poly vera increases risk of thrombosis
which two of MPD --> myelofibrosis ET and poly vera
Essential thrombocythaemia rxaspirin daily
myelofibrosis BM appearanceteardrop
MDS splenomegaly or nahno
aplastic anemia causes which myelo probmds
MDS pancytopenia or nahpancytopenia
MDS which type of anemiamacrocytic
MDS BM show ? ring sideroblast
increase Plt and JAK +ve ->dxET
reduce rbc, variable wcc, variable plt, JAK +VEmyelofibrosis
reduced RBC, rise WCC, rise Plt CML
showering aggregate pruitis --> dx?poly vera
is fever a feature of anaphylaxis?NO

Section 2

Question Answer
myeloma increases risk of? stroke due to hyperviscosity
myeloma features (4)Ca, Renal, Anemia, Back bone pain
Ig in myelomaIgG IgA
M- protein found in ?myeloma
high ESR and osteoporosis suggest what unless proven?myeloma

Section 3

Question Answer
lymphadenopathy, thrombocytopenia, which infection, sore throat, splenomegalyEBV
EBV --> what lymphocytosis CD8 t cell
IgM +ve, viral capsid +ve, EA +verecent or past infection of EBVrecent
EBV --> what lymphomas (2)HL and burkitts
causes of massive splenomegaly (3)CML, myelofibrosis,
HL vs NHL lymphadenopathy HL- localised NHL- extranodal
b symptoms more in HL or NHLHL
HL lymphadenopathy @? cervical, supraclavicle
most common type of NHLdiffuse b cell
diffuse large b cell lymphoma is aggressive or indolent? aggressive
which has a better prognosis - HL or NHL?HL
FNA of HL feature:reed- sternberg cells
burkitts chromosome 8:14 c-myc
bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy sarcoidosis
symptoms of acute sarcoidosis (3)acute uveitis, CN7, bilateral hilar lymph
lupus pernio, pulmonary fibrosis and posterior uveitis associated with whatchronic sarcoid
most serious complication of sarcoidosis is ?pul fibrosis
ESR raised in whta? (2)sarcoid and myeloma
sarcoid hilar nodes and where else has node? mediastinal
anterior uveitis symptomsred painful eye photophobia
posterior uveitis symptomsfloater blurry vision
DI can be a feature of?sarcoidosis
lupus pernio in sarcoid presentation?maculopapular rash on face and trunk
steroids cause neutrophilia or lymphcytosis?neutrophilia
tamoxifen increases risk of? and what cancer
factor V leiden resistance to?c protein
most common inherited thrombophilia factor V leiden
most common inherited thrombocytopeniavWF disease
unfractioned heparin monitored byAPTT
LMWH monitored by>Xa assay
Bleeding time in vWFprolong
plt in antiphospholipidlow
what can be given to non ABO matched patients?plt
serious complication of B12 defspinal cord degeneration
bernard soulier syndrome what ?inherited plt quality prob
plt count in bernard soulier and galnzmann normal but symptoms of plt prob - petechiae and purpura
HIV associated with which lymphomaburkitt

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