White Blood Cells (leukocytes)

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Nucleated or Nonnucleated?Only true blood cell because it is nucleated
Granular Leukocytes contain what cells?Neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils
What is the Life span of granular leukocytesShort 12 hrs-3 days
Agranular leukocytes contain what cells?Monocytes and Lymphocytes
What is the life span of Agranular leukocytes100-300 days
Order from # of most to least WBCS found in bloodNeutrophils, Lymphocytes, Monocytes, Eosinphils, basophils (Never let monkeys eat bananas)

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What WBC is Multi-lobedNeutrophil
This WBC has a low affinity to hematoxylin (purple) and Eosin (red) making it light purpleNeutrophil
This WBC has high numbers during bacterial infections (cuts)Neutrophil
What 2 WBC have a bilobed nucleus?Eosinphils and basophils
This WBC has a high affinity for eosin (pink)Eosinphils
This WBC is present in parasitic infections (tapeworm and some allergy)Eosinphils
What WBC is highly granular, boiled and obscured (looks like a ball of yarn)Basophils
What WBC has a high affinity for hematoxylin (very dark purple)Basophils
What WBC is involved in the inflammatory response and allergies?Basophils
What WBC has small cells and a very large nucleus?Lymphocytes
What WBC contains T cells, B cells and Nk cell (natural killer)Lymphocytes
What WBC is very large with a horseshoe shape nucleus?Monocytes
What WBC transform into macrophages outside of the blood cell (gobbles everything and destoys is)Monocytes
T cells Cell mediated immunity (they are the hitman directly attack bacteria)
B CellsAntibody (humoral) Immunity
NK cellsAttack a wide variety of infectious microbes, and certain tumor cells

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