What you do in school

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Question Answer
to lunch (and which to conj (boot or yo))almorzar (o - ue)
to memorize (and which to conj (boot or yo))aprender de memoria
to succeed (and which to conj (boot or yo))aprobar (o - ue)
to know/ to be acquainted with (and which to conj (boot or yo))conocer (c - zc for only yo)
to answer (and which to conj (boot or yo))contestar
to create a web page (and which to conj (boot or yo))crear una pagína web
to discuss (and which to conj (boot or yo))discutir
to start/ to begin (and which to conj (boot or yo))empezar (e - ie)
to understandentender (e - ie)
to failfracasar
to ask a question/make presentation/do a searchhacer una pregunta/un presentación/una búsqueda
to surf the webnavegar en la Red
to repeatrepetir ( e - i)
to know/ to know howsaber (sé for yo)
to get a good gradesacar una buena nota
to do well/poorlysalir bien/mal
to take notes/testtomar apuntes/un examen/una prueba
one musthay que + inf
it is forbiddense prohíbe + inf