What step of what ossification?

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Mesenchymal cells aggregate, differentiate into osteoblasts, begin ossification at center, develop spiculesStep 1 of intramembranous ossification
Blood vessels grow into the area to supply the osteoblasts and spicules connect trapping blood vessels inside boneStep 2 of intramembranous ossification
Spongy bone develops and is remodeled into osteons of compact bone.Step 3 of intramembranous ossification
Chondrocytes in the center of hyaline cartilage enlarge, for struts and calcify and die, leaving cavities in cartilage.Step 1 of Endochondrial ossification
Blood vessels grow around the edges of the cartilage and cells in the perichondrium change to osteoblasts, produces layer of superficial bone around shaft which continues to grow and become compact boneStep 2 of Endochondrial ossification
blood vessels enter the cartilage bringing fibroblasts that become osteoblasts and spongy bone develops at the primary ossification centerStep 3 of Endochondrial ossification
remodeling creates a marrow cavity, bone replaces cartilage at the metaphysies.Step 4 of Endochondrial ossification
capillaries and osteoblasts enter the epiphyses creating secondary ossification centers Step 5 of Endochondrial ossification
epiphyses fill with spongy bone, cartilage within joint cavity is articulation carilage, cartilage at the metaphysis is epiphyseal cartilageStep 6 of Endochondrial ossification

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