What is a Mineral?

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five characteristics of a mineral are:-Naturally formed -Inorganic solid -Crystal structure -made of Elements
What is a native element?-gold,silver -mineral composed of only one element
What two groups are minerals divided into?silicate minerals and nonsilicate minerals
Rocks are made of_______. minerals
Minerals are not made
Each mineral has a ______ ______ _____.definite crystal structure
The mineral ______ breaks easily into _______.mica,sheets
The amount of matter in a given space or the ratio of the mass of a substance to the volume of a substancedensity
The color of a mineral in powder form- found by rubbing the mineral on a porcelain tilestreak
to break unevenly along curved or irregular surfacesfracture
the way in which a mineral reflects light- can be metallic or nonmetallicluster
to break along smooth, flat surface cleavage
the resistance to being scratchedhardness
the appearance of a mineral that can vary according to the emperatriz in the special mineral color
characteristics that are particular to only a few types of minerals special properties
the hardest mineral on Mohs hardness scale Diamond
The softest mineral on Mohs hardness scale talc

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