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arose in Gaul ( France) and helped temporarily unite Western Europe. Became the most powerful of the Germanic people. Franks
promoted Education . Frankish kingdom reached peak under himCharlemagne
a leading scholar, taught the king and his householdAlcuin
most famous of the mayors stopped the muslim advance into Europe at the Battle of Tours Charles Martel
West Frankland, son of Louis the PiousCharles the Bald
King of ht e franks who converted to Christianity and had 5,000 of his soldiers baptized Clovis
retained the title of the emperor and ruled the land between his brotherslothair
East Franklin,son of Louis the Pious Louis the German
appealed to the pope for the title of king, established the cardigan House.Pepin the Short

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means "set apart"saint
Middle Ages known as: because of religion dominating society, Roman Catholic Church held church influence over the people "Age of Faith"
priest changes the wine and bread into blood and bodytransubstantiation
actually held the real power of the thronemayors of the palace
men who will investigate conditions and deliver messages missi dominici
political system in which local rulers offered the people protection in return for their services feudalism
a knight's strict code of Behavior chivalry
defined a religious act that automatically grants grace by its very performance sacrament
drunk, inmortal , quarrelsome do-nothing kings
a man becomes a vassal and therefore eligible to have a fief homage
center of nobility life castle
person called who got the land grant fief
symbolic act in which a vassal pledged loyalty to this lord and the lord guaranteed his vassal protection and had justice investiture
were landholding nobles lord
when a vassal parceled out of portions of his fief subinfeudation
land grants from the king vassal
centers for studying ,copying and preserving ancient manuscripts monasteries

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latin translation of the scriptures vulgate
split Charlemagne's empire into three separate kingdoms treaty of Verdun
Church forbade the pledge of its property and extended protection to all non-combatants in societyPeace of God decree
basis of wealth and power during feudalism LAND

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