Western Civ 101

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Question Answer
understanding western civ willhelp us comprehend our culture, evaluate and critique our culture, guide us in evaluating other cultures
historical underpinningslaw, socio-political roots, sociatel and cultural trends, while all men are created equal all cultures are not equally valid
five major implications of the imago deicapacity for rational thought, moral choice, artistic creativity, social relationships, humble relationships
hebrew worldview/historylinear view of history with a theological foundation, looks backwards primarily, action oriented
proper order of socrates, aristotle and platoS,P,A
first greek philosopherThales (624 BC-546 BC) everything is made of water
what gave christianity traction to spread?Greek and Roman cultural expansion. Greeks: Lingua Franca of the day; Common cultural experience/expression. Romans: Empire citizenship; roads, traveling, and commerce.
the religious and cultural mileu of the day (early christianity)Ceybele & Isis

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