West Africa

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camelsanimals used to transport slaves across Sahara Desert
Nubia and Kushcivilizations that developed near Nile River and were influenced by Egypt
Sahela strip of land with little rainfall that divides the desert from wetter areas – semiarid.
Savannahan open grassland with scattered trees
animismthe belief that bodies of water, animals, trees, and other natural objects have spirits
GhanaWest African country located between the Niger and Senegal rivers - the site of a powerful empire established around 300.
Saltnatural resources used for trading as well as seasoning and preserving foods
goldhighly prized natural resource which made Ghana wealthy. It was traded for salt in West Africa.
Malia West African country along the upper Niger River
Sundiatafounder of the empire of Mali, his reign is recorded in legends (The Lion King) Under his rule, Mali gained independence, agriculture improved (cotton), and Mali took over the gold and salt trade.
Mansa MusaMali’s greatest and most famous mansa, or ruler, he was a devout Muslim. He made a famous pilgrimage to Mecca that helped spread Mali’s fame.
Timbuktua city in West Africa that began as a camp for traders around 1100 and became a major center of culture and learning in Mali and Songhai empires.
Songhaia large and powerful empire in West Africa during the 1400 and 1500.
Sunni AliSunni or emperor, of Songhai, he conquered Mali and brought peace and stability to West Africa.
Askia The GreatSonghai ruler, he overthrew Sunni Baru; his reign was the high point of Songhai culture. He supported education. Timbuktu flourished under his rule.
Ibn BattutaMulsim explorer fro Morocco who traveled throughout Islamic world