West Africa-Yulie Perez

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Question Answer
What is oral history?It is a spoken record of past events.
Why were griots and their stories important in West African society?It was important to them because they were very interested about there their ancestors deeds and so they wouldn't make the same mistake as their ancestors
Why may an oral history provide different information than a written account?It might provide different information than written stories because they might have made a mistake or added things to the story
Name one writer who wrote about West Africa?Abu Ubayd al-Bakir was a West African writer.
How do you think these writers' view of West Africa differed from West Africans?They might have differed because they probably didn't understand it as in they didin't understand why they diid those actions
What were two forms of visual art popular in West Africa?Two forms of visual art popular in West Africa was dance and sculpures.
What were the two most valuable resources traded in Ghana?Two most valuable resources was salt and gold.
How did the silent barter system work?It is a process in which traders would trade without speaking to each other.
Who was Tunka Manin?He was a ruler for Ghana empire.
What did Ghana's kings do with the money they raised from taxes?Ghana's king used the raised money from taxes to support Ghana's army
What group invaded Ghana in the late 1000s?A Muslim group called the Almoravids invaded Ghana in the late 1000s.
How did overgrazing help cause the fall of Ghana?A herd of animals that ate all the grass in many pastures, leaving the soil exposed and then the wind blew it away leaving the land worthless.
Why did the rulers of Ghana not want everyone to have gold?To insure that the king was richer than everyone.
What was a result of Mansa Musa's pilgrimage to Mecca?Mali became famous in the Muslim world.
What happened when Mali broke apart?Moroccans invaded and destroyed the empire.
Why did Mansa Musa encourage the teaching of arabic?He wanted to build schools and mosques.
Which was not a result of the spread of the Arabic language in West Africa?The Qur'an was translated into Arabic.
Who depended most on oral histories?Common people depended more on oral history.
Why were griots important in West Africa societies?They were responsible for remembering the past and the deeds of ancestors.
The Dausi and the Sundiata are?They tell epic poems of Ghana and Mali.