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What is a silent barter? It's a process which people exchange goods without ever contacting each other directly.
What were the most valuable resources? Gold and salt were the most valuable resources.
Where can you find gold and sugar?You can find gold in the south ,from mines near the Gulf of Guinea, and salt came from the Sahara in the north.
Why did salt and gold become valuable?Salt was used for a great diet, and gold was wanted for its beauty.
What did Sunni Ali accomplish?He accomplish to extend his empire.
Who was Tunka Manin?Tunka Manin was a writer who wrote about Ghana.
What helped the empire, Mali extend?The Niger River help the Mali empire grow.
Who ruled the Mali empire? The ruler named Sundiata , ruled the empire of Mali.
Who was the most powerful and famous ruler in Mali?Mansa Musa was the most famous ruler of Mali?
What is the Hajj?The hajj is a spiritual duty to go on a journey, like a pilgrimage.
How long did Mansa Musa ruled?Mansa Musa ruled for 25 years.
Which cities did Mansa Musa captured?Mansa Musa captured Timbuktu, Gao ,and Djenne.
Who became the ruler of Songhai?Sunni Ali became the ruler of Songhai.
What was Muhammad's name after?His name was Askia the Great.
What is Oral history?Oral history is a spoken record of past events.
What were storytellers called? Storytellers were called griots.
What are griots?Griots were the West African storytellers.
What are proverbs?Proverbs were short sayings of wisdom or truth.
Who were some famous writers?Some famous writers were al-Masudi, Ubayd al-Bakri,Ibn Battutah,and Leo Africanus.
How did Morocco overcome Songhai?The overcame Songhai because they had a new weapon named Arquebus.
What was valued in West Africa?Art was valued in West Africa.