West Africa- Josie Chavez

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Question Answer
What are rifts?They are long, deep valleys formed by the movement of the Earth's crust.
What is sub-Saharan Africa?It is the Africa south of the Sahara.
What is the Sahel?It is a strip of land that divides the desert from the wetter areas.
What is a savannah?It is an open grassland with scattered trees.
What are rain forests?They are moist, densely wooded areas.
What is the Silent Barter? It is a process in which people exchange goods without ever contacting each other directly.
What were the two most valuable resources traded in Ghana?The most valuable resources were gold and salt.
How did the silent barter system work? Whenever someone wanted to trade something they would leave it in an open room then play a certain beat on the drums. Moments later the buyer would leave the money or salt and play a certain beat on the drum.The seller would then receive the money/salt.
What group invaded Mali in 1431?The Tuareg group attacked the Mali in 1431?
What is oral history?It is a spoken record of past events.
What are griots?They are African storytellers.
What are proverbs?They are short sayings of wisdom or truth.
What is a kente? It is a hand-woven brightly colored fabric.