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Why did the rulers of Ghana not want everyone to have gold?The rulers of Ghana did not want everyone to have gold because it made gold more valuable.
What were the two most valuable resources in Ghana?The mat valuable resource in Ghana were salt and gold.
Who was Sundiata?Sundiata was the son of the king, Mali.
Who is Mansa Musa?
What did the kings do with the money they raised from taxes?Kings used the money to support Ghana's army.
What was the main language in West Africa?Arabic was the main language in West Africa.
What group invaded Ghana in the 1000s?The Almoravids invaded Ghana in the 1000s.
What is oral history?Oral history is a spoken record of past events.
Name the writers that wrote about West Africa?Ubayd al-Bakri, Ibn Buttutah,al-Masudi, and Leo Africanus all wrote about West Africa.
What empire invaded the Songhai in the 1590s?The Morocann empire invaded the Songhiai empire in the 1590s.
What are griots?Griots are West African storytellers.
Why were griots important?Groits were important because they told Weat Africans what their an sisters did so they wouldn't do the same mistake they probably did.
Why weren't griot always trustworthy..Griots weren't trust worthy because they could have left an important part of the story.
What empire invaded and defeated Mali.The Songhiai invaded and defeated Mali.
How did Ghana's ruler get rich.Ghana's rulers got rich by controlling the salt and gods trading system.
What are two forms of visual art in West Africa.Art, masks, clothing, and sculptures are forms of visual art in West Africa.
What was Askia the Great's real name?Askia the Great's real name was Muhammad Ture.
How long did Mansa Musa rule Mali?Mansa Musa ruled Mali for about 25 years.
How did Muhammad Ture get the title of Askia the Great.Muhammad Ture got the rank Askia the Great by overthrowing Sunni Baru.
Why did Timbuktu become famous?Timbuktu became famous enough because of the schools it had?