West Africa Joaquin Santana

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What were the first people of Ghana believed to be?Farmers
What did the first people of Ghana learn to work with?They learned to work with iron.
What was salt used for?To preserve food and to add flavor to food as well.
What is silent barter?It is a prcoess in which people exchange goods withput ever contacting each other directly
What were the two main resources traded?They were gold and salt
What was the largest city in West Africa?Koumbi Saleh
Who was Tunka Manin?The king in which Ghana reached its peak
Who was Sundiata?According to legend, Mali's rise to power begun under the rule of Sundiata
When did Sundiata die?1255
Who was Mansa Musa?Mali's most famous ruler and he was Muslim.
What did Mansa Musa stress about the Qur'an?He stressed that everyone can read the Qur'an.
What group invavded Mali in 1431?The Tuareg group
When did Sunni Ali become ruler?1464
What empire did Sunni Ali rule? Songhai Empire
Who was Askia the Great?He was a general that overthrew Sunni Baru. His original name was Muhammad Ture
Which people invaded the Songhai people in the 1590's?The Moroccans invaded
What were griots?They were West African storytellers
What was oral history?It is a spoken record of past events.
What are poverbs?They are short sayings of wisdom or truth
What are kentes?They are had-woven, brightly covered fabrics.
What were some forms of visual arts?Some forms were dancing sculptures and paintings.
Who were some people who wrote about West Africa?Some were Leo Africanus, Abu Ubayd al-Barki, and Ibn Battutah

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