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Question Answer
What are griots?They`re West African storytellers.
What is oral history?Oral history is a spoken record of past events.
Who were the three writers that wrote about West Africa?The three writers were Al-Masudi, Al-bakri, and Leo Africanus.
Who was Sundiata?He was Mali's legendary first ruler.
What city was the major trading center?Timbuktu was the major trading center.
Where did woman have more rights than any other place?Woman had more rights in Timbuktu.
What were two major trading items?Two major trading items were salt and gold.
Where is the city Timbuktu located?It is located in the Sahara Desert.
Why did the traders use spoons to scoop out gold dust?They use spoons so that sneaky people dont walk away with any extra gold in there finger nails.
What was so scares in Timbuktu?Litature was so scares in Timbuktu.
What empire did Songhai replaced?Songhai replaced the empire Mali.
Why did the people of Songhai rebelled against Sunni Baru?They rebelled against him because he wasn't Muslim and they felt trade with other Muslim lands will suffer.
Who was the next leader of Songhai after Sunni Baru?Askia the Great was the next ruler of Songhia.
How long did Askia the Great ruled Songhai?He ruled from c 1443 to c 1538.
Who did Songhai fall to?Songhai fell to Morocco.
Why did Morocco want to invaded Songhai?The empire wanted the salt mines.
What did the Moroccans use to defeat Songhai?They use firearm and cannons.
Where are the epic-long poems kept?They are kept in the Dausi and the Sundiata.
What are some forms of West African visual arts?Common one are dance, sculpture, mask making, and cloth-making.
What is kente?Kente is a hand-woven,brightly colored fabric.