West Africa by Arianna Zamorano

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Section 1

Question Answer
1.What is a Silent barter?a process that people exchange goods without seeing each other.
2.What time did Tunka Manin was around ,when he ruled?Tunka Manin as around 1068 ad.
3.What items were traded the most?Salt and gold were traded the most.
4.Who invaded Ghana in 1060s ad?the Almoravids invaded to make Ghana leaders convert to Islam.
5.What year did the Ghana empire rose?1200 Ad.
6.Who is Sundiata?Mali rose to power under Sundiata.
7.Who is Mansa Musa?Mail's most famous ruler.
8.Name at least two improvents that Sundiata made.One is he took over salt and gold trades.Second he made new farmlands for beans,onions,rice,and other crops.
9.What year did Mansa Musa left for his pilgrimage?In 1324 A.D,Mansa Musa left for his pilgrimage.
10.What language did Muslims need to write?Muslims need to write In Arabic .

Section 2

Question Answer
11.Who is Sunni ali?the ruler of Songhai.
12.Who is Askia the Great?the leader of rebellion people.
13.What group anted to take over the salt mines?Morocco invaded the salt mines .
14.What year does Ghana fall?Ghana falls in c 1200.
15.What weapons brought Moroccans to an end?Guns and cannon was an end to Morocannas.
16.What is oral history?Is spoken record of the past.
17.What are called Griots?West african story tellers are called griots.
18.What is Proverbs?the truth or short saying of wisdom.
19.What is kente?Hand woven, brightly colored fabric.
20.What were the two epic poems?The two epic poems were Dausi and Sundiata.
21.Why were proverbs used for lesson?Proverb were use for lessons ,to show people that you need to work to accomplish things.
22.Who was the most famous writerand what year was he famous?The most famous writer is Ibn Battutah.In 1353-1354 Ad