West Africa-Ashley Mendizabal

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Question Answer
What is oral history?A spoken record of past events .
What was a result of Mansa Musa's pilgrimage to Mecca?Mali became famous in the Muslim world.
Why didi Mansa Musa encourage the teaching of Arabic?He wanted people to be able to read the Qur'an.
Why were griots and their stories important to West African society?The griots helped keep history alive for each new generation.
What were two forms of visual art popular in West Africa?sculpture, masks, cloth
Why were oral traditions important in West Africa?They were the only forms of recording or remembering West African history.
What were the two most valuable resources traded in Ghana?gold and salt
How did the silent barter system work?People would exchange goods without ever contacting each other directly
Who was Tunka Manin?King of Ghana, had a lavish court where he displayed the wealth of the empire.
What did Ghana's kings do with the money they raised from taxes?Rulers used the money from taxes and tribute to support Ghana's growing army.
Why did the rulers of Ghana not want everyone to have gold?To insure that the king was richer than his subjects.
What group invaded Ghana in the late 1000's?A Muslim group called the Almoravids
Who was Sundiata?Mali's first great leader
How did Sundiata turn Mali into an empire?After he conquered Ghana, he took over the salt and gold trades and worked on improving agriculture in Mali.
What group invaded Mali in 1431?The raiders.
How did Mali's size lead to its fall?The empire became so large that the government could no longer control it.
In what part of West Africa did Songhai begin?Gao
What religion gained influence in Songhai under Askia the Great?Muslim
Name one writer who wrote about West Africa?Al-Masudi
What were two forms of visual art popular in West Africa?Sculpture and Masks.