West Africa- Angelica Cruz

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Question Answer
When was Mansa Musa born?1280
When did Mansa Musa die?1337
Who are Arabs?People from Saudi Arabia.
Why was salt so important to West Africa?It was so important because in West Africa, their were no refrigerators which means the food would spoil, but to keep that from happening, they used salt.
What is the Songhai?The most powerful empire in West Africa,.
How long did the Songhai last?The Songhai lasted through the 1400s and 1500s.
Conquerer A person who beats someone or accomplishes something.
GriotA storyteller, historian
Oral historyStories told by griots from the past.
What did Mansa Musa do?He made a pilgrimage to Mecca which made him a major figure.
ProverbsShort sayings of wisdom or truth
KenteA hand-woven, brightly colored.
Silent barterA process in which people exchange goods without ever contacting each other directly.
CaravansA group of traders or merchants walking together to prevent safeness.
What did caravans from the north bring?They brought goods like salt, cloth, books, and slaves
Why did caravans bring those goods?They brought them because they wanted o trade it at Timbuktu.
What did winter floods allow boats to do?It allowed it to reach Timbuktu from the Niger River.
What did people trade in crowded market stalls?They traded goods like sugar, kola nuts, and glass beads
What did Mansa Musa build and other rulers?They built several mosques in the city.
What happened when they built them?The mosques became a center of Islamic learning.

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