West Africa- Angel Ramos

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What two resources were traded in Ghana that were very valuable?Gold and Salt
Who was Tunka Manin?Emperor of Ghana
Why did the rulers of Ghana not want everyone to have gold?To insure that the king was richer than his subjects.
What group invaded Ghana in the late 1000s?A Muslim group called the Almoravids
In what part of West Africa did the Songhai begin?Gao
What religion gained influence under Askia the Great?Islam
Which group of people invaded the Songhai Empire in the 1590's?The raiders
How did Mali's size lead to its fall?The empire became so large that the government could no longer control it.
Which group of people invaded the Songhai Empire in the 1590's?The Moroccans
What is oral history?history passed down by word of mouth
Why were griots and their stories important in West African society?Helped keep the history of their ancestors alive for each new generation.
Why may an oral history provide different information than a written account?Because the story may change over time
Name one writer who wrote about West Africa?Al-Masudi
What were two forms of visual art popular in West Africa?Sculptures and Dance
How did contact with other cultures change Songhai's government?Its trade with other Muslim lands would suffer
How did Islam help turn Mali into a center of learning?Mansa Musa his faith as well as supported education. He wanted Muslims to be able to read the Qur'an. Timbuktu became famous for its schools.
ow did overgrazing help cause the fall ofThe animals brought in by the Almoravid's, ate all the grass leaving the soil exposed to hot desert winds that blew away the sold and left the land worthless for farming or herding so many farmers had to leave in search of new homes.
Who was Sundiata?Mali's first great leader, he came to power after crushing a cruel, unpopular leader.
What became the main language of government, trade, and Islamic scholarship in West Africa?Arabic became the main language.
How did Mansa Musa's journey change people's perceptions of Mali?He made such great impression on people that Mali became famous throughout Africa, Asia and Europe.