Weight loss meds

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phentermine (Adipex-P CIV) dose15-37.5 mg daily; 8 mg TID with food
orlistat dosexenical: 120mg TID with food; ali: 60 mg TID with food
phentermine/topiramate SR (Qsymia CIV) doseinitial: 3.75mg/23mg qd x 14 days then 7.5 mg/46mg qd; if need to increase: 11.25mg/69 mg qd x 14 days, then 15 mg/92 mg qd
lorcaserin (Belviq C-IV) doswe10 mg BID
Buproprion SR/Naltrexone SR (Contrave) dose90mg/ 8 mg tab; 1 po qd x wk, then 1 po BID x 1 wk, then 2 po q am + 1 po pm x 1 wk then 2 po BID
Liraglutide (Saxenda)dose0.6 mg qd x 1 wk; 1.2 mg qd x 1 wk; 1.8 mg qd x 1 wk; 2.4 mg qd x 1 wk; 3 mg qd x 1 wk; all SQ

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phentermineshort term
orlistatlong term
phentermine/topiramate SRpts who do not lose at least 3% wt by 12 wks should have their dose increased, if 5% wt loss has not occurred after another 12 wks then it should be d/c
lorcaserindont lose at least 5% wt by 12 weeks should be d/c
bupropion SR/ Naltrexone SRdont lose at least 5% wt by 12 weeks should be d/c
liraglutidedont lose at least 4% wt by 16 weeks should be d/c

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phentermineinsomnia; increased BP; palpitations; arrhythmias
orlistatheadache; oily spotting; ab pain; faltus; fecal urgency; oily stool; nausea
phentermine/topiramate SRparestheisa; dry mouth; constipation; headache; insomnia; depression; mem/conc; increases HR; decreases TG
lorcaserinheadache; nausea; fatigue; back pain; dry mouth; hypoglycemia; priapism; euphoria
bupropion SR/naltrexone SRnausea; constipation; insomnia; dry mouth; decreases TG; monitor HR and BP
liraglutidenausea; hypoglycemia; dirrhea; dyspepsia

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phentermine CIcvd; mod to severe HTN; glaucoma; MAOI
orlistat CImalabsorption; cholestatsis; should take multivit 2 hrs before
phentermine/topiramate SR: CIpreg; glaucoma; hyperthyroidism
lorcaserin CIpreg; caution; can increase depression/suicidality
bupropion SR/naltrexone SR: CIseizures; bulimia or anorexia; uncontrolled HTN; alcohol, opioid, MAOI; can increase risk of depression; tabs cant be crushed; dont take w/ high fat meal
liraglutide CI; personal or fam hx of medullary thyroid carcinoma; reduce meals by half and reduce dose of secret by half; stored at room temp for 30 days