Weight loss, Inflammatory bowel disease, sexual dysfunction, BPH, overactive bladder

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500 kcal decrease per day equals weight loss of _________ per week1 pound
bariatric surgery if BMI over40 or over 35 with obesity related comorbid condition
prescription agents not okay ifonly small amount to lose..BMI over 30 only indicated
can be long term for maitnenance since not stimulantsqysmia, saxenda, belviq, contrave.
if not at least 5% weight loss at 12 weeks thenstop the weight loss drug
following bariatric surgery supplementscalcium citrate, B12 and iron may need to...take iron and calcium 2 hrs prior or 4 hrs after antacids, may require life long therapy of fat soluble vitamins
following bariatric surgery meds may need to becrush or put in liquid for up to 2 months post....patients may need ursodiol which dissolves gallstones, avoid drugs GI irritants like nsaids and bisphosponates
what is the difference between IBD and IBS?IBD is inflammatoryy condition with perisistent bloody diarrhea...ulcerative colitis and crohns....IBS does not cause inflammation and is not as serious. IBS causes either constipation or diarrhea.
ulcertative colitis=mucosal inflammation confined to the rectum and colon with superficial ulcerations
distal ulcerative colits=limited to descending colon and rectum so can be treated with topicals
proctitis=inflammation limited to rectum ulcerative colitis
crohns disease=deep inflammation that can affect any part of the GI tract. ilieum and colon most commonly affected.
smoking can help which disease?ulcerative colitits
fiber, chamomile tea, and probiotics can help IBD sometimes
sorbitol and lactose can be exipients in drugs and sweeteners sorbitol and can make IBD worse=diarrhea
acute exacerbations can be treated with ? for IBDoral or IV steroids
in ulcerative colitits maintenance therapy first linemesalamine
first line for mild to moderate crohnstopical steroids or oral budesonide
moderate to severe cases crohnsazathioprine, mercaptopurine, or methotrexate used
anti-TNF agents (infliximab) used whensed in patients with IBD refractory to steroids and immunosuppresives
topical steroids for IBD have not proven effective for maintenance of remission
most common cause of EDreduced blood flow to the penis- periph neuropathy, atherosclerosis, htn. arteris to penis smaller than others so can be sign of CV disease. depression and spinal cord injury can also contribute. low testosterone too but men complain more about less desire with that.
beta blockers, fiansteride, dutasteride, silodosin, cimetidine, can cause ED
do not take this PDE5 inhib and alpha blockerscialis
BPH treatment largely dependent onpatient and how they are doing and feeling
detrusor muscleouter muscular layer of the bladder...innervated by activation of receptors via overactive bladder this is hyperactive
m3 receptor bladderresponsible for emptying contractions and bladder contractions
for bladder overactive anticholinergics extended relase preferred over immediate release due tolower rate of dry mouth. the more selective ones have less side effects than odler ones like oxybutynin
if a patient fails one anticholinergic, try at least one more before moving on to 3rd line
additive anticholinergic drugsshould be avoided
used to treat urinary retention occasionallybethanechol- salivatoin, tearing, urination, diarrhea