Weight Loss Drugs SE

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Question Answer
OrlistatGI (use metamusil to decrease these SE)- oily discharge, HA, decrease lipid soluble vitamin absorption (take a multivitamin two hours before or after one dose daily)
PhentermineCI- uncontrolled htn and substance abuse hx, SE- increase HR/BP, insomnia
Phentermine/Topirimateabrupt d/c may lead to seizures, HA, constipation, dry mouth, REMS (monthly pg tests), certified pharmacy and physician required, depression, memory issues, break through bleeding on oral contraceptives
Lorcaserinserotonin syndrome, abuse potential (detered by HA), HA, possible depression and priapism, constipation, change in attention/memory, T2DM - hypoglycemia
Bupropion/NaltrexoneCI if alcohol/opioid abuse, nausea, constipation, HA, insomnia, seizures (especially if taken with a high fat meal because of increased bupropion absorption), increase BP, cannot crush/chew
Liraglutideinjection, hypoglycemia, nausea (decreased when meals size 1/2), storage. CI- hx/fhx of medulary thyroid cancer

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