Weed Identification

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Section 1

Question Answer
narrow, shinypersian darnel
narrow, pubescent/blue-greenfoxtail barley
narrow, glabrous with m constriction, auriclesquackgrass
upright, no ligule and auriclebarnyard grass
upright, hairy ligule w/ purple spots at axilsgreen foxtail
upright, hairy ligule w/ long hairs at nodeyellow foxtail
wide, inflorescence w/ long awns, very fuzzydowny brome
wide, inflorescence w/ short awns, pubescentjapanese brome
wide, sparse pubescence, no awnssmooth brome
wide, mostly glabrous, large membranous ligulewild oat

Section 2

Question Answer
ocrea, arrowhead leaves, uprightwild buckwheat
ocrea, arrowhead leaves, twiningtartary buckwheat
ocrea, broad leaves, large leaves, wavy marginsfield dock
ocrea, broad leaves, lanceolate leaves w/ purple spotpale smartweed
ocrea, linear leavesprostrate knotweed
no ocrea, twining, arrowhead w/ rounded tipsfield bindweed
no ocrea, no cotyledons, parasiticdodder

Section 3

Question Answer
round cotyledons, entire margins, pubescent leavesball mustard
round cotyledons, entire margins, glabrous leaves w/ long petiolesstinkweed
round cotyledons, lobed margins, symmetrical coarse lobes blue-greendog mustard
round cotyledons, lobed margins, round lobesshepherd's purse
round cotyledons, lobed margins, coarse lobes, stiff hairswild mustard
narrow cotyledons, fern-like, old leaves lobedcommon peppergrass
narrow cotyledons, fern-like, blue-greenflixweed

Section 4

Question Answer
narrow leaves, needle like leavesrussian thistle
narrow leaves, linear leaves, striped stemkochia
broad, oval leaves, green stem leaves narrow ovalrussian pigweed
broad, oval leaves, notch-spine leaves, lower stem redred root pigweed
broad, spoon leaves, prostrateprostrate pigweed
broad, foot leaves, mealy undersidelamb's quarters

Section 5

Question Answer
trifoliate, toothed leavesrough cinquefoil
trifoliate, clover leavesblack meddick
broad leaves w/ parallel veinationcommon plantain
lobed cotyledonsstork's bill
round leaves w/ palmate veinationround leaved mallow
red tinge, defined toothing, upright growthnorthern willowherb
red, succulentportulaca