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Wechslers IQ Tests

Updated 2007-04-03 08:08


Information about IQ test.

IQ Tests

Test NameDefinition
Informationusing general information abstracted from the culture
Comprehensionusing practical judgement in everyday social situations
Arithmeticusing abstracted concepts of number and numeracal opperations
SimilaritiesSeeing basic relationships between facts and ideas
VocabularyDemonstrating scope and quality in use of language
Digit spanusing immediate auditory recall (memory)
Picture Completionvisually identifing essential features of familiar objects
Picture ArrangementSeeing and planning a logical sequence in social events.processes
Block DesignNon-verbal concept formation. Have a time limit to arrange blocks into a specified picture
Object AssemblyAssembling material into a conceptually meaningful whole
CodingMaking associations quickly and accuratly. visual motor integration
MazesVisually tracking stimuli. visual motor coordination