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Simple weather-related terms.

Weather Terms

Cumulus CloudsLook like heaps of cotton.
Cirrus CloudsLook like wispy curls high in the air.
Stratus CloudsLook like a low cover over your head and are low to the ground.
Nimbus CloudsLook like a gray blanket or puffs of smoke. Storm clouds.
AnemometerMeasures wind speed.
BarometerMeasures the air pressure.
Cumulonimbus CloudsThunderhead Clouds.

Weather Terms I

Term Definition
AtmosphereThe air that surrounds Earth.
WeatherWhat is happening in the atmosphere at a certain place.
Temperature, precipitation, and windParts of weather.
PrecipitationWater that falls to Earth.
Rain, freezing rain, sleet and snowFour types of precipitation.
RainWater droplets.

Weather Terms II

Freezing rainRain that freezes on the objects it hits.
SleetFrozen rain.
SnowWhite ice crystals.
BlizzardLarge snowstorm.
TornadoViolent windstorm with a rotating column of air.
Tornado WatchTornados are possible.

Weather Terms III

Tornado WarningA tornado is on the ground or has been detected by Doppler Radar.
HurricaneStrong, dangerous storms that form over warm ocean waters.
FloodRivers rise and go over their banks after many days of rain and/or meting snow.
Flood watchA flood is possible.
Flood warningWater is over the riverbanks and a flood is happening.
ClimateThe average weather in a place over a period of time.

Weather Terms IV

Rainforest climateThe temperature is very hot and humid/sticky and it rains a lot.
Savanna climateThe temperature is hot and it is very wet or very dry.
Desert climateThe temperature is very hot during the day and cold at night. There is little or no rain.
Grasslands climateThe temperature is hot in the summer and cold in the winter, it is very dry with little rain.
Deciduous forest climateThe temperature is warm in the summer and cold in the winter, it is rainy at times.
TemperatureMeasures how hot or cold something is.

Weather Terms V

WindThe movement of air.
Air pressureThe weight of the atmosphere pressing down on us.
Weather vaneTells from what direction the wind is coming.
Rain guageMeasures the amount of rainfall.
ThermometerMeasures air temperature.
MeteorologistScientist who studies the weather and atmosphere.
MeteorologyStudy of weather.
Weather mapA map that shows weather data for a large area.


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