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Section 1

Question Answer
1st General OrderI will guard everything within the limits of my post and quit my post only when properly relieved.
2nd General OrderI will obey my special orders and perform all my duties in a military manner.
3rd General OrderI will report violations of my special order, emergencies, and anything not covered in my instructions, to the commander of the relief.

Section 2

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Commander in ChiefPresident Barack Obama
Secretary of DefenseHonorable Ashton Carter
Secretary of the ArmyHonorable Eric Fanning
Chairmen Joint Chief of StaffGeneral Joseph F. Dunford
Army Chief of StaffGeneral Mark A Miley
MEDCOM CommanderMG Nadja West
CRHC Commanding GeneralMG Thomas Tempel
WBAMC/ Brigade CommanderCol John A. Smyrski
Sergeant Major of the ArmyCSM Daniel A. Dailey
MEDCOM Sergeant MajorCSM Gerald Ecker
CSM Central Regional Health CommandCSM Jayme D. Johnson
WBAMC CSM/ Brigade SMCSM Donald L. George
Senior Enlisted Advisor McAfeeSFC Hernandez

Section 3

Question Answer
Regulation for ASAP?AR 600-85
ASAP Mission?to strengthen overall fitness and effectiveness of the Army and enhance combat readiness of it's soldiers
Ways soldiers can be identified as having substance abuse problems?Voluntary, Commander/supervisor identification, Biochemical, Medical, Investigation/apprehension.
Commanders may direct drug testing under what condition?Unit inspections, Search and seizure, Competence of duty, Rehab, Mishap or safety inspection, Consent, New entrant, Medical
Regulation for Army community service (ACS)?AR 608-1
ACS Symbol and representation?Heart=giving, Cross=help, Gyroscope=stability
Motto for ACS?Self-help, Service and Stability
Regulations for Army continuing Education System (ACES)?AR 621-5 and AR 621-6
TABE stands for?Test of Adult Basic Education
SOCAD stands forService Members Opportunity for College Army Degrees
Federal financial aid programs?Pell Grant, Perkins loans, Guaranteed student loans.
Army Emergency Relief (AER) works closely with?American Red Cross
Regulation for AER?AR 930-4
How are contributions taken with AER?cash, check, allotment
AER annunal fund campaign?March 01 - May 15
AER motto?"Helping the Army Take Care of it's Own"
AER minimum amount?1dollar for 3 months
SHARPP stands for?Sexual Harassment/Assault Response Prevention Program
Where and When does SHARP policy applies?on and off post during duty and non-duty hours. Also working, living, and recreational environments on and off post.
What is the SHARP slogan?I AM Strong
I AM stands for?Intervene, Act, Motivate
Define sexual assault?An intentional sexual contact used by force, physical threat or abuse of authority, or when a victim does not consent to sexual act.
Acts of sexual assault?Rape, non consensual sodomy, indecent assault, attempts to commit these acts.
Prevention of sexual harassment is whose responsibility?The Commander
Where can sexual assault be reported?chain of command, Medical Treatment Facility (MTF), Military police, Chaplain, Family Advocacy, Legal services.
Regulation for Equal Opportunity (EO)?AR 600-20 chap 6
What is EO based on?Fairness, justice, Equity
What are all commanders required to publish and post on EO?Command policy of EO, Sexual Harassment/Assault prevention and EO complaint procedures
Regulation for SHARP?AR 600-20 Ch. 7 and 8
Regulation for Army Retention Program?AR 601-280
Bar of reenlistment is reviewed?90 and at 180 days
Regulation for Total Army Sponsorship Program (TASP)?AR 600 8-8
DA Form for sponsorship program?DA form 5434 or 5434-E for electronic
6 elements for Sponsorship Program?DA Form 5434, Welcome Letter, ACS Relocation service, reception, Orientation, In processing
Regulation for body composition?AR 600-9
Who are the Officers that make up the Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS) Council?President, Vice-President and Treasurer
3 Pillars of BOSS program?Recreation, Community Service, Well being
Regulation for NCODP ?AR 350-1
FM for Physical Readiness Training (PRT)?FM 7-22
What does WTBD Stand for?Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills
7 principles of Training?Commanders and leaders responsible to train, NCO trains, Train as you Fight, Train to standard, Train to sustain, Conduct mutiecheloin training, train to develop agile leaders.
3 phases of PRT?Initial conditioning, toughening, sustaining
C-METL?Core Mission Essential Task List
D-METL?Directed Mission Essential Task List
What is strength?Ability to overcome resistance
What is endurance?ability to sustain activity
Subcomponents of strength?muscular strength and muscular endurance
Subcomponents of endurance?Anaerobic and aerobic endurance
What is mobility?Functional application of strength and endurance
What are 3 exercise PRINCIPLES?precision, progression, integration
Publication for rifle marksmanship for M4/M16?FM 3-22.9
ACOG?Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight
PMI?Preliminary Marksmanship Instruction
2 Primary components of marksmanship training strategy?Initial training and sustainment training
5 Phases of rifle marksmanship?Basic rifle marksmanship Preliminary instruction, BRM downrange feedback, BRB field firing, Advanced rifle marksmanship, advanced optics, lasers and iron sights
Marksmanship that does not require live fire?operations checks, functions checks, immediate action, target detection, dry fire
Maximum range of M series weapons?3600 meters
Point target and Area Target range for M16?Point target=550m Area Target=800m
Point target and Area target range for M4?Point target=500m Area target=600m
Muzzle velocity of M4?2970 fps
Muzzle velocity of M16?3100 fps
Key word to apply to immediate action?SPORTS
SPORTS?slap upward, pull charging handle, observe the ejection port, release charging handle, tap bolt forward, squeeze the trigger
Types of malfunctions?failure to feed, fire, extract or eject
Cycle function of M series rifles?Feeding, Chambering, Locking, Firing, Unlocking, extracting, ejecting, cocking
4 fundamentals of firing?Steady Position, Aiming, Breathing, Trigger Squeeze

Section 4

Question Answer
Regulation for Army Uniform?AR 670-1
Who approves coats of arms, decorations, flags, streamers, agency seals, badges?The Institute of Heraldry (TIOH)
2 determining factors a hair cut is acceptable?Neat and conservative
What hair colors are authorized?natural hair colors
Examples of prohibited hairstyles?mohawk, horseshoe, tear drop
Side burns for soldiers?Yes as long as they don't exceed 1/8 inch long or extend below the bottom of the ear opening.
Authorized mustache size?not covering upper lip line, not extend sideways beyond corner of mouth, and does not extend above a parallel line at the lowest point of the nose.
Maximum length of fingernails for females?no longer than 1-4 inch from tip of finger
Examples soldiers cannot engage in during walking?eating, electronic devices, smoking
Situations you cannot wear Army Uniforms?off-duty employment, public speeches, meetings of extremist organization, when specifically ordered to not wear uniform.
Types of badges authorized on Army uniforms?Marksmanship, Combat & Special Skill, Identification and foreign badges
Highest award for Army during war?The Medal of Honor
How many stars on ribbon of medal of honor?13
Highest award for valor during peacetime?The Soldiers Medal
Time limit for recommending an award?2 years
How many weapons systems are authorized component bars on marksmanship badge?19
How many bars can be worn on a marksmanship badge?no more than 3
4 types of Special Skill tabs?Ranger, Sapper, Presidents 100, Special Forces
Appurtenances?oak leaf cluster, V device, numerals, clasps, Service stars, arrowheads, Berlin Airlift device, 10-year device, M device
Regularion for Awards and Decorations?AR 600-8-22
How many groups of Combat Special skill badges are there?5
How is the RDI worn on female ASUs?1/2 centered above the nameplate, or 1/4 inch above any unit awards.
How are service ribbons worn on female ASUs?centered on left side with bottom row parallel to bottom edge of nameplate, adjusted for individual body-shape
How are unit awards worn on female ASUs?Centered on right side of unifomr with bottom edge 1/2 above top edge of nameplate.
Where are marksmanship badges worn on male ASUs?on upper portion of the left pocket flap or lower portion if wearing a special skill badge.
How are marksmanship badges worn on female ASUs?left side 1/4 inch below bottom ribbon row or similar location if ribbons are not worn.
Males belt on ASU's?wearers left
Females belt on ASUs?Wearers right
How many marksmanship badges are authorized on ASUs?no more than 3
When was the NCO support channel formally recognized?20 December 1976
What is Sergeant's Business?To train and lead soldiers
What is a Sergeant?leader
Explain chain of command?succession of commanders superior to subordinates through which command is exercised
Define responsibility?Being accountable for what you do
How does Chain of command support NCO support channel?by legally punishing those who challenge NCO authority
Define Dutylegal or moral obligation to what should be done without being told to.
What is the role of the CSM?senior listed advisor to the Battalion commander
How do Commanders exercise command?Through subordinate commanders
When was the position of SMA established?4 July 1966
Key elements of command?Authority and Responsibility
What must a Sergeant have to accomplish Sergeant's business?Skill, Ability, Leadership to train and lead soldiers into combat

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