Water treatment 2

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ScreeningRemoves large debris that can foul or damage equipment
Chemical pretreatmentConditions the water for the eventual removal of algae & other aquatic nuisance that cause taste, odor &colour
Pre-seditationRemoves gravel, sand, silt & other gritty material that can be fouled or damage plant equipment
Micro-strainingRemoves algae, aquatic plants, & small debris that can clog or foul other processes
Flow measurement Measures the amount of water being treated
AerationRemoves odours & dissolved gases, adds oxygen to improve taste
Coagulation/flocculationConverts non-settleable particles to setteable
SedimentationRemove settleables
SofteningRemoves hardness forming chemicals
Filtration Removes finely divided particles, suspended flocs, microorganism
AdsorptionRemove organic so and colour
StabilizationPrevents scaling & corrosion
Fluoridation Adds fluoride in order to harden tooth enamel
DisinfectionKills disease causing organisms

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