Water Systems Quiz

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Natural and Human Factors Affecting Our Water Supply

The Rising and Falling Water Table

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if more water leaves a watershed than enters it...there will be a shortage of water
if more water enters a watershed than leaves it...water will soak into the ground, filling up the soil, and as a result, the water table will rise, thus causing floods in low-lying areas and cause contamination in clean water

Natural Water Table Changes

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floods are ______ occurrences within a _______natural, watershed
water _____ from water bodies to _______ and back againcycles, atmosphere
water levels naturally ____ and ____rise, fall
______ and ________ affect water supplydroughts, earthquakes


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can be brought on by...heavy rainfall, ice-jams, sudden spring thaws and storms
a flash flood is...a flood without much warning


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long periods of little to no _________ so watershed starts to ____ waterprecipitation, lose
lakes and rivers may have ______ water levelsfalling


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can affect _____ ____ directlywater table
after an earthquake, water table can drop a few ______meters
affects the water table's ability to ____ waterdraw
disruption in the water table can cause ground water to become _______, affecting its __________cloudy, potability
potability means...drinkable

Human Causes of Water Table Changes

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flooding can be caused by a ____ or if a man-made _______ collapsesdam, reservoir
______/______ of water can hurt the water supplyoveruse/misuse

Farming and Industry Practices

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used water may be ________ to be cleaneddischarged
used water will be released into the ________ --> affects ______watershed, freshwater

Overuse of Wells

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more than _________% of Canadians rely on groundwater for water25%
most of people who rely on groundwater for water live in _____ areasrural
most people in rural areas use _____ that were drilled into ______ to get waterwells, aquifers
water cycle naturally _______ water supplyrecharges
___ summer or ___ snow in winter means less water in aquifersdry, less

Water Division and Export

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water industries ________ big quantities from the water supplyremove
most of Canada water industries are in...Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia
_____ of water are removed from _______ of sourcesliters, millions
lots of water is ________ or ________ ____ and shipped to another country or provincefiltered, pumped out
the exported water is not _______ to its sourcereturned

Obtaining Water Quality

Factors Affecting Water Quality

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what are contaminants?substances that are harmful to humans, animals and the environment
what are the 3 categories of contaminants?biological, chemical, physical
what are biological contaminants?includes visible biological contaminants and microscopic organisms
what are chemical contaminants?dissolved substances from natural substances or human activity
what are physical contaminants?all materials that do not dissolve into water
list 3 examples of biological contaminantszebra mussels, bacteria, viruses
list 3 example of chemical contaminantsdissolving limestone, dissolved road salt, bleach
list 3 examples of physical contaminantsanimal waste, plant debris, man-made objects

Treating Groundwater Sources

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to be able to get water from a well, the water is _______ to remove _________filtered, contaminants
groundwater is generally _______ than above-ground watercleaner
groundwater requires ____ treatment than above-ground waterless

Treating Above Groundwater Sources

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water from above-ground sources also need to be _______ before it becomes clean drinking watertreated
_______ water will kill harmful organisms (but will not remove physical or chemical contaminants)boiling
_________ water sources require more treatment than _______ water sourcespolluted, cleaner
water treatment is very ________expensive

The Water Treatment Plant (idk how to do this lol)

basically say the next stage
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water comes into the system that filters out large solids (plastic bottles, litter, plants, fish etc)...
water is pumped into a large holding tank where a chemical is added to make small solids clump together and settle to the bottomwater is passed through a special membrane filter to take out any tiny solids
water is passed through a special membrane filter to take out any tiny solidschlorine is added to skill any microorganisms that have not been removed by filtering alone
chlorine is added to skill any microorganisms that have not been removed by filtering alonethe drinkable water is pumped out to storage sites such as water towers and underground reservoirs
the drinkable water is pumped out to storage sites such as water towers and underground reservoirslast

pH Scale

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what does pH (roughly) meanpotential hydrogen
what does the pH scale measureacidity/alkalinity
what is another term for alkalinitybasic
the pH scale goes from _________-_________0-14
0 is the most ______acidic
14 is the most _______alkaline
7 is _____neutral
each whole value that goes/up in the pH scale is ___ times more acidic/alkaline10

Managing Our Water Systems


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most people in Canada obtain water from a ______ water supplymunicipal
________ manage the removal of waste watermunicipalities
waste water from urban buildings are pumped to a _____pipe
waste water is sent to a ________ ______treatment plant

Treating Waste Water

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within waste water there is anything flushed down the system such as...soap residue and human waste
what would happen if we put back our waste water directly into the rivers and lakes?we would contaminate our drinking water sources
waste water is ______ before being put back into the rivers and lakestreated

Septic Systems

actually i dont think im even going to finish this one asdfghjkl
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a rural home gets it water from a ________ _____drinking well
a rural home probably disposes of its waste water through a _______ _________septic system
what is a septic system?a self contained wastewater treatment facility
the ______ inside the septic tank begin to break down the wastebacteria
____ material goes to the bottom and _____ material floats to the surfacesolid, lighter
the _______ _____ in between floats to the surfaceliquid layer

Wetland Technology

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define wetlandland saturated with water for a long time
plants that love water can _____ and ______ waterfilter, purify
scientists can construct artificial _______ for water treatmentwetlands
the _____ and _____ from the plants filter out contaminants just like in a natural settingroots and soil

The Wastewater Treatment Plant

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the most expensive facility in most communities is usually...the wastewater treatment plant
if a city of 50 000 people maintained a wastewater treatment facility, how much would it cost?can cost over 40 million
treatment of wastewater involves a _______ _____ and network of ________ ____ that takes waste away from the plantphysical plant, underground pipes

Protecting Drinking Water Sources

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treating water is very _______expensive
not all ________ ___________ can be removed from waterchemical contaminants
all _______ activities that affect water systems affect drinking water sourceshuman

Who Manages Our Water

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all levels of _________ help manage Canada's water systemsgovernment
Ontario has _____ to protect drinking waterlaws