Water Quiz

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Moist Towelettes - Water Systems

Question Answer
_________% of the Earth is water70%
what are the two types of water?salt water and fresh water
define salinityhow much salt is dissolved in water
most freshwater is in ____/____ or moves through the _____ice/snow, ground
3 states of waterliquid, solid, gas
liquid water is found both _____ and __________above and underground

Surface Water

Question Answer
oceans are a special huge body of ______ ________surface saltwater
many communities have fresh water collected in human made ________reservoirs

Underground water

Question Answer
_/_ of the world's freshwater is underground1/3
groundwater is always on the _____, and eventually reaches a ______move, surface
what is a groundwater zone?an area where water fills all air spaces in soil/tiny cracks in rock
what is a water table?the upper surface of the groundwater zone
what is an aquifer?a rock/soil layer that is composed in a way that allows lots of water to collect naturally, is a natural reservoir

Solid Water

Question Answer
all solid (frozen) water on Earth is ________freshwater
what is a mountain glacier?the mass of ice and overlying snow that slowly moves down a mountain slope under the influence of gravity
what are ice sheets?large glaciers that cover land
where are the two ice sheets in the world?Greenland and Antarctica
ice sheets form like _____ ______mountain glaciers
what is an ice shelf?refers to ice sheets that are floating
what are icebergs?large pieces that break of ice sheets

Gaseous Water

Question Answer
water exists in a _____ state in the atmospheregaseous
when water evaporates it becomes ____ ______water vapour
which can hold more water vapour, cold air or warm air?warm air
what is transpiration?the process of water evaporation from plant leaves
the sun provides ______ energy to drive the _____ ______thermal, water cycle


Question Answer
what is a watershed?an area of land where all of the water drains into one main water body
as water cannot flow uphill, high _____ in the land such as mountain ridges create "_______ _______"ridges, "natural divides"
the Rocky Mountains act as the _________ ________Continental Divide

Water's Influence on Weather and Climate

Question Answer
why can places that are all equal distance from the equator have different temperatures?water have an affect on the temperature in the regions it is near
how do bodies of water affect temperatures in areas?water has a higher heat capacity than air/land, so it loses and gains heat at different speeds
if something has a higher heat capacity, what does that mean?it takes longer for the thing to get heat, but also holds heat longer (warms/cools slower)
coast areas maintain a _____ temperature than areas farther inland (opposite happens at night and in winter)lower
air over land cools _____ than air over waterfaster
warmth from an ocean or lake gives _____ to cooler landheat

Micro climates

Question Answer
farmers closer to the great lakes typically enjoy a longer _____-_____ periodfrost free
____ air from the great lakes keep nighttime temperatures on the shore above _______warm, freezing
great lakes contribute small pockets of ______________ in surrounding regionsmicroclimates
what is a microclimate?a microclimate is a small area that differs from the surrounding area
example of a (manmade) microclimatea greenhouse (warmer and moister than outside climate)

Water bodies

Question Answer
water bodies affect climate change at a _______ scale so it can also be felt at the much larger ______ scaleregional, global
southern hemisphere is ___% land and ___% ocean19%, 81%
northern hemisphere is ___% and ___% ocean39%, 61%
why does the southern hemisphere average temperatures vary less than the northern hemisphere?the southern hemisphere has more water bodies so the moderating effect is stronger

The Effects of Ice on Water Systems

Question Answer
________ years ago, North America, Europe, and Northern Asia were covered in ___ _______10 000, ice sheets
what is a glacier?a slow moving mass or river of ice
where are glaciers found?located in the mountains or near the poles
how are glaciers formed?they are formed by snow accumulating and compacting
what are continental glaciers?glaciers that are found on lower altitudes near the poles
what are alpine glaciers?glaciers that are found in areas of high altitude
glaciers will _____ larger and _____ if conditions are coldgrow, spread
if warmer conditions persist, glaciers will ______shrink
glaciers are _______ due to _______ temperaturesreceding, rising
what is one factor contributing to rising temperatures?carbon dioxide from human activity
what happens if glaciers increase in size?sea levels become lower
what happens if glaciers recede?sea levels rise
melted ice flows into oceans, lowering the ______salinity