Water Cycle Vocabulary

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Percolationwater movement past the soil deep into groundwater
Infiltrationrefers to water that penetrates into the surface of soil
sublimationthe process where ice and snow(solids) change into water vapor(a gas) without moving through the liquid phase. Glaciers can experience the loss of ice due to this process
plant updatewater removed from the soil and subsurface water flow via roots to be usedby the plant. Most water plants uptake passes through into the atmosphere
transpirationthe process where water evaporates from the leaves of plants and trees into the atmosphere..90% of all water that enters the root transpires into the atmosphere.
depositionthe process where a gas changes into a liquid phase. water vapor changes into ice crystals. Can be seen as frost that forms on a clear and calm winters night
groundwater flowis the flow of water deep underground and may return to the surface in springs or seep into oceans
condensationthe process where a gas(water vapor)changes into a liquid (water droplets) . Also seen on the outside of glasses filled with ice on days with high humidity
surface flowis the river, lake,and stream transport of water from land to the oceans
precipitationthe transfer of water, snow, or ice from clouds to the earth. Most falls as rain mainly over the ocean
evaporationthe change of state of water ( a liquid ) to water vapor (a gas). Oceans, seas, lakes and rivers provide 90% of the moisture in the atmosphere via evaporation
transportationthe movement of solid, liquid, and gaseous water through the atmosphere. Without this movement the water evaporated over the ocean would not preciptate over land

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