Water Conservation Study Guide

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What is contaminantsharmful content to human/animal/environment
3 type of contaminantschemical, biological, physical
explain chemical contaminantsdissolved substances, made by natural process or human activity (dissolved limestone or dissolved road salt
explain biological contaminantsboth visible (zebra mussels) and microscopic organisms (bacteria&viruses)
explain physical contaminantssubstances that cannot be dissolved in water (animal waste, plant debris, man-made objects)

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What would boiling water kill and what wouldn't it remove?kill harmful organisms but cannot remove chemical/physical contaminants
type and amount of treatment depends on the water's?condition
what are some storage sites? Water towers, underground reservoirs etc.
most Canadians get water from a ____ supplymunicipal
Poor people's benefits of water conservationhaving water when needed & not contaminating water supply with over used septic system
Rich people's benifits of water conservationsave money&ensuring water supply

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1&2 step of wastewater treatment 1: pass through screens filter out large solids 2: enter grit chamber, small particles settle
3&4 step of wastewater treatment 3: preliminary tank(heavy sink light float) 4: aeration tank (microorganisms added)
5&6 step of wastewater treatment 5: organisms settle 6: chlorine added to kill harmful organisms

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Septic system 1 bacteria in the tank break down waste
Septic system 2 solid materials settle to bottom
Septic system 3 light materials float to surface
Septic system 4 liquid layer in between floats out
Septic system 5 materials leak into soil through holes in pipes
Septic system 6 more bacteria digest and break down waste
Septic system 7 Liquid returns to groundwater supply

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Step 1 of Water treatment plant1.screen filter out large solids (plants, fish)
Step 2 of Water treatment plant2.holding tank add chemical make small solids settle/clump
Step 3 of Water treatment plant3.passe membrane filters take out remaining tiny solids(made of gravel, fine sand, and charcoal)
Step 4 of Water treatment plant4.chlorine added
Step 5 of Water treatment plant 5.pump to storage sites

Section 5

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What is a oil spillit is when oil is released into the environment especially the marine system
what causes oil spills to happenoil tanker leak/wreck, war, oil transportation error/accidents
List 6 methods to clean oil spillsbooms,skimmers,sorbents, dispersants, burning, bioremediation

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