Walters unit 3

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Section 1

Question Answer
SavanaPlains of coarse grass and scattered tees with low rainfall.
MatrilinealSomething passed down through a women's blood line aka kingdumb
GriotPerson who memorized the history of the people or the grandpa who mamors about something you dont care about
TimbuktuA trading city on the Niger river. became famous befcause of the comunity of isLAMic scholers
geneologyThe study of tracing someone's desendticy or family and find there fam members
MonsoonA rainy season
MalariaAn infectious Desease spread by mosquito
Indigenous Something ORINGINing to a spefic location
Al-SaheliAn Artech of the Mali emprire. The Artech that made the Kjingaryber
WangaraThe place where the gold that Ghaana wants come from
TaghazaThe place where the saltthat Wangara wants come from

Section 2

Question Answer
The largest mountain in Afrcica is .....Kbio
This large Rain forestg area is teaming with lifeDelta
Blank is considered the shore of the desertSachel
The largest desert in southern AfrciaKalaharl
Insect arries a sleeping sickness, which is deadly to cattlemosquitoes
Kumbi was a great trade center for the BLANK EmpireGhana