Wagahai Wa Neko De Aru

Updated 2008-04-24 20:19

Wagahai wa neko de aru Chapter one Part one from JAPANESE CLASSICAL LITERATURE AT BED TIME


Question Answer
吾輩【わがはい】 (n) (1) (arch) I, me, myself (masc) (nuance of arrogance); (2) we, us, ourselves; ED
【ねこ】 (n) (1) cat; (2) (uk) (col) submissive partner of a homosexual relationship; (P); EP
無い【ない】 (adj) there isn't; doesn't have; (P); EP
見当【けんとう】 (n) aim; mark; estimate; guess; approximation; direction; (P); EP
薄暗い【うすぐらい】 (adj) dim; gloomy; (P); EP
じめじめしたdamp; dampish, humid, wet; KD
記憶【きおく】 (n,vs) (1) memory; recollection; remembrance; (2) storage; (P); EP
書生【しょせい】 (n) student; houseboy; ED
種族【しゅぞく】 (n) race; tribe; family; species; ED
当時【とうじ】 (n-adv,n-t) at that time; in those days; (P); EP
別段【べつだん】 (adv,n,adj-no) particularly; ED
【たなごころ; てのひら】 (n) the palm (of one's hand); SP
載せる【のせる】 (v1,vt) to place on (something); to take on board; to give a ride; to let (one) take part; to impose on; to record; to mention; to load (luggage); to publish; to run (an ad); ED
持ち上げる【もちあげる】 (v1,vt) to raise; to lift up; to flatter; ED


Question Answer
残る【のこる】 (v5r,vi) to remain; to be left; (P); EP
【け】 (n) hair; fur; (P); EP
装飾【そうしょく】 (n,vs) ornament; (P); EP
薬缶【やかん】 (n) kettle; (P); EP
真中【まなか】 (n) middle; centre; center; mid-way; ED
突起【とっき】 (n,vs) protuberance; (P); EP
【あな; けつ】 (あな) (n,n-suf) hole; (けつ) (n) (col) ass; arse; buttocks; SP
【けむり】 (n) smoke; fumes; (P); EP