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beef410's version from 2018-05-16 18:22


Question Answer
PasswordsMust match to enable adoption of advertised VLANs
ClientCannot edit vlans, only receive/forward updates
ServerCan edit vlans for distribution
TransparentCan edit its local vlan.dat and will forward VTP updates (v1 will not). Will not adopt received VTP updates or generate updates
Update VLANCan be forced by adding/removing a VLAN in the event VLAN's were added during password mismatch
VTPv1Default, password is only plaintext, no OFF mode, transparent mode won't forward VTP advertisements (v2+ only)
sh vtp statusDomain, version, revision
VTPv2Support for consistency checks, will check MD5 hash for validation of frame, token ring support, does not need to inspect frame for domain name before transparent forwarding.
VTPv3Options seen while running lower version, but not useable. Hidden hashes password, secret uses hash to transfer PW to other devices. Enables use of expanded VLAN's 1005+
PruningPrevents sending broadcasts for VLAN's to a dest. switch without access ports in that vlan. Default OFF
No PruneAvailable at interface level switchport trunk pruning vlan add/except/remove


(config-if)# switchport mode <access/trunk>
Question Answer
AccessPort is in permanent non-trucking mode
TrunkPort is in explicit trunk mode
Dynamic AutoPort is willing to convert to a trunk link if opposite port is set to Trunk or Dynamic Desirable
Dynamic DesirableActively attempts to negotiate the link into a trunk. Forms with Trunk/DynamicAuto/DynamicDesirable
No-negotiateDisables DTP. Will not send DTP frames and will ignore incoming ones. Can only manually configure a trunk link if DTP is disabled.

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