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TermWord formMeaningContext
Adequateadjenough for a purpose, sufficient to meet a needadequate blood supply to head
Mannernounthe way of doing somethinglying down in this manner
Compelverbto cause to act, to force an action or behaviorboxers were compelled to wear gloves
AdoptverbN/Athe new rules were adopted
Manipulateverbto control or operatecomputers can manipulate info
Staticadjfixed, not moving or unchangingan area's climate is static or unchanging
Inhabitantnounresident, a person who lives in a placelarge continent with few inhabitants
Spanverbto go across, to extendIt spans from the North to the South
Contemplateverbto consider, to think abouta person should contemplate advantage and disadvantages with care
EntrepreneurnounN/Abusiness man
Dischargev,na pouring forth, an emission or ejectiona discharge of electricity between clouds or between clouds and ground
Funnelnouna cone-shaped utensil with a wide opening and narrow endTornadoes have shape like a funnel
Insaneadjmentally sickinsane people cannot commit a crime
Prescribeverbto give by special orderdrugs are prescribes by doctors.
Spectacularadjvery noticeable, sensationallightning is often considered the most spectacular scene
Assignverbto giveassigning colors to the objects is also helpful
Descendverbto come fromdogs are descended from wolves
Domesticateverbto bring under human control, train for human useswolves are domesticated
Juvenileadjnot fully grownhaving a dog is like having a juvenile wolf
Habitatnounthe environment in which one livesits own habitat or home
Subtlyadvslightly, in a small wayeach country speaks the English in subtly # ways
Inhabitverbto live inNative American inhabit what we now call the US
Ariseverbcome up, appearproblem arises
Conquerverbto defeat or subdue by forceSpanish conquered a large piece of land
Democracynounthe system of government by the peopleN/A
Crestnounan emblem or symbol( upper apart of the wave impulse )
Knightnouna medieval soldierN/A
Integrateverbjoin togethervideo, audio and text integrate and form the Internet
Breednouna type or classThe new breed of communicator
Portrayalnouna representation, a descriptionA scene is the portrayal of a particular piece of the story
Reserveverb to keep aside, to hold out of useThis kind of feeling is reserved for other people
Marketableadjable to easily advertised or soldmarketable design
Outdatedadjno longer usefulfirewalls become outdated very quickly
Laxadjlazy or carelessmany computer users become lax about updating their firewalls
Divisionnouna part, a unitthe largest divisions in the modern system are the kingdoms
Calfnounthe lower muscle of the legshould reach up to the middle of your calf
Snuglyadvtightlymake sure your shoes fit snugly
Cruxnounthe critical pointthe crux of the matter is economics
Justifyverbto defend an idea, to provide a reason or justification for a actiontoo useless to us to justify any manned flights
Mannedadjwith peoplemanned flight
Poseverbto put forward, to presentdistance poses other dilemmas
Dilemmanouna situation that requires a choice between two equally undesirable outcomesdistance poses other dilemmas
Retrievalnounthe process of getting something backemergency retrieval like this would be impossible
ill-fatedadjdestined for misfortune, unluckymanaged to rescue the astronauts of the ill-fated Apollo 13
Feasibleadjcapable of being effected, done or put in practicethe moon seems more feasible from this point of view
Conduciveadjuseful fortemperatures past the level conducive to coral life
Interpreternouna person or machine that can explain the meaning of something in a language you can understandlanguages act like an interpreter, they let users "talk" to the computers by using the keyboard
Readilyadvavailablemost of these spices are readily available in local supermarkets
Take oververbto take control ofin 1870, Holland took over the spice trade in Western countries
Fatiguenouna feeling of tiredness or wearinessone common health problem is fatigue
Distributeverbto give out, to supplyenough oxygen distribute through the body
Prairienouna large area of flat or rolling grasslandsome creatures live in prairie
Distinctiveadjspecialdistinctive pottery unique
Archaeologistnouna scientist who finds and studies materials from past human culturesN/A
Traceverbto follow the development of somethingancient pots are used to trace the history of Native American people
Pitchverbto throw to battera ball can be pitched underhanded or overhanded
Vitaladjessentialbody languages are vital to success
Tonenounthe manner of expression, mood (serious, humorous...)use facial expressions that match the tone of the speech
Slouchverbto stoop or slumpa speaker who slouches signals what he or she not interested in the subject
Podiumnounthe small table or platform a speaker usually stands behindN/A
Claspverbto hold, usually with fingers interlacedrest them on the podium or clasp them behind the back
Legumenounthe pod, such as from a pea or bean that splits in two when matureoatmeal and legumes are good sources of gums
Tribenouna group of people who live togetherthere are 54 tribes live in VN
Activistnouna person who tries to change existing laws or conditionsNA activists are busy trying to get pieces of their land back
Graphicnouna visual representationthey can show multicolored graphics
Solsticenouna particular day during the year, either having the most hours of daylight or the least hours of daylightsummer solstice
Bronzenouna type of metal alloy, consisting mostly of copper and tinthe bronze age
Prosperverbto succeed as a culture, to flourishwhen mainland Greece prospered
Boostverbto increase quicklyunhealthy way to boost energy is eating snack
Excessiveadjtoo muchin excessive quantities
General purposeadjuseful for many kinds of thingsgeneral purpose computing machine
Open upverbto make availablehas opened up a wide range of internet career
Encompassverbto includemedia encompass a constantly growing set of new techs and skills
Freelanceadjworking for several companies at the same timefreelance writer
Streamverbto flow steadily, like a stream of waterstreaming audio and video

Forth week (12/24)

TermWord formMeaningContext
Endeavornouneffort, a projectthis endeavor, though, did not go so smoothly
Intra-muraladjbetween students in the same school rather than different schoolsthere is a co-ed intramural sports league
Co-edadjinvolved both male and female studentsthere is a co-ed intramural sports league
Stimulusnounan action or thing that causes a responseuse all the stimuli from the past and present
Virtualadjnot real, but with the same concept, simulatedinsert your student ID or virtual cash card
That figuresphrasean expression of frustration upon learning bad newsthat figures. What kind of pet can we have
Take upverb phraseto occupythey wont take up much space
Tons ofadj phrasevery large quantity of, manyyou can find tons of books on economy
Recognizedadjwell known, famous, admiredafter her death, her work became more recognized
Infectiousadjeasily transferred from one person to anotheri would like to talk about infectious diseases
Prevalentadjvery common, dominantthey are not as prevalent as they were in the past
Unpasteurizedadjnot purified through boilingthese infections came from drinking dirty water or drinking unpasteurized milk
Have the timephraseto know and tell someone the timeexcuse me, do you have the time
Pull awayv phraseto drive a car or a bus that has been stopped away from a placei saw a bus pulling away about ten minutes ago
Pass byv phraseto move past, to go nearyeah.But it passes by each of the dorms
Creepverbto move slowly and quietlythere are three main types of flowscreep flows, debris flows and debris avalanche
Debrisnouna scattered collection of broken piecesthere are three main types of flowscreep flows, debris flows and debris avalanche
Fall intoverb phraseto be part of category or typewhich genres they fall into
End upverb phraseto do something, or be somewhere, at the end of a series of actionsif the character ends up in a worse situation at the end of the story
Endearingadjwith an attractive personality likable but we find them amusing or endearing because of their personalities
Check outv phraseto look at, to investigatehave you check out my webpage?. All my lectures are in my webpage
Ahead of timeadv phrasebefore a certain event or deadlinei usually don't read the lecture ahead of time
Jot downv phraseto quickly write informationyou should also jot down ideas or notes while you're reading
Psychologicallyadvrelated to one's mind, or way of thinkinglearn karate also helps a person psychologically
Deal withv phraseto handle, to cope with, to react to a problema person must learn to deal with stress during practice
Primarilyadvmostly, most importantlyIt will be delivered primarily by lecture
Convertverbto changeour skin converts sunlight into Vitamin D
Censusnouna survey to discover the number of people living in an area and specific information such as age, gender, and incomeit is commonly for countries to take a census
In sumadv phraseafter considering all the factors, overallin sum, counting the number of people, where they are from, and what language they speak are important aspects of the census
Dress upverb phraseto wear fancy clothes, such as a suit or dressare there opportunities to dress up on occasion
Scorchverbto burnyou will end up scorching your clothes
Beddingnounthe things required for a bed, such as sheetswe have clothing and bedding covered
Toiletriesnounthe things required for washing, such as soap, toothbrush, and razorbring your flip flops and usual toiletries
Dirt cheapadj phrasevery inexpensiveit's dirt cheap
A blastphraselot of fundorm living is a blast
A cup of javaphrase(slang "coffee")love my java in the morning
Scopesnouna range of features or informationa cinema scope attempts to give a wide overview of the subject in one line
Overviewnouna summary, a brief introduction to a lot of informationa cinema scope attempts to give a wide overview of the subject in one line
clichedadjoverused, stereotypedthese types of intros sound cliched and uninteresting
Captureverbto attract and hold what would capture your attention
Informativeadjproviding informationan introduction must be both interesting and informative
Right-hand mannoun phrasethe closet adviser and second in command to a leaderMark Anthony was a "right-hand man" of Julius Caesar
Anarchynouna state of lawlessness, a state of living without governmenthis use of violence in politics led to a state of anarchy in Rome
Deductionnouna subtraction, something taken awayyou can use payroll deduction
In advanceadv phrasebefore a certain event or service beginsmost students pay in advance with a credit card
Rustnouna plant disease caused by a rust fungus, characterized by reddish or brownish spots on leaves, stems, and other parts
Pin-head-sizedadjvery small, the same size as a pinheadtwo common diseases to wild roses are rose rust and rose black dot
Upperadjthe side facing the sky rather than the groundthe upper side of the leaf will have black spots
Journalnouna regularly published magazine with articles on a particular topici am looking for a journal
Subscription nounan arrangement to receive a certain product or service on a regular basiswe don't have a subscription to the Journal of Speech and Hearing
Articlenouna story presenting information in a newspaper or journaltype the name of the article you need
Loannounan agreement that one party gives another party an item for an certain amount of time, after which it is returnedN/A
Stormverbto express upsetting emotions, to cause uneasinessgroup members make waves or cause small storms in the group
Make wavesv phraseto cause problem, to cause others to become upsetgroup members make waves or cause small storms in the group
Carry oververbto continue, to remain in effectyour meals do not carry over from a week to a week


placement test/ exam that gauges the level of the test taker
downsize/ to become smaller
official (noun,verb)
Question Answer
tabulateto consider and list
in turn
result in
cope with / struggle with/ deal with
Question Answer
Acquireto get

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