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Updated 2007-06-10 13:28

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Question Answer
negligible so unimportant it can be disregarded
stolid not easily moved, non-responsive
formidable of alarming size, strength, or difficulty
sedative medicine or something that soothes
contend flight, assert, strongly believe
garrulous given to talking, chatty
alacrity lively and willing
passive inert, without resistance
potent containing great power
exhilarated enliven, cheer up, excited

Sec 3

Question Answer
exult rejoice greatly
amend make a formal change to something
inevitable certain to happen
impious disrespectful
patent obvious
malevolent spiteful, evil willed
concur agree with
sedate quiet, settled
dauntless brave, unafraid
prowess extreme skill

Sec 2

Question Answer
benevolent generous to people
diffident shy
dormant inactive, sleeping
insuperable can't be overcome, unbeatable
placid Calm, peaceful
indemnity payment for damage or loss
repose Rest, sleep, relaxation
thrive Grow vigorously,prosper
truculent Fierce and cruel, threatening
decrepit old and weak
deride make fun of or insult