Volpone - Act 5

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Section 1

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(1,2) "I ne'er was in dislike with my disguise......till this fled moment" (Volpone) showing weakness.
(1,8) "Many of these fears would put me into some villainous disease... ...should they come thick upon me" (Volpone) ironically describes the fears which prevent him from lying as "Villainous"
(1,11) "Give me a bowl of lusty fright this humour from my heart" (Volpone) drinks wine, which was thought to turn into blood, which was the source of courage.

Section 2

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(2,13) "This is our masterpiece......and we cannot think to go beyond this" (Mosca) to Volpone
(2,23) "Each of them is so possessed, and... ...stuffed with his own hopes" (Mosca) uses eating imagery to describe the greed of the dupes.
(2,35) "Seemed to me you did......sweat sir" (Mosca) tries to make Volpone feel uncomfortable.
(2,57) "I will begin e'en to vex 'em all......this very instant" (Volpone) changes his mind.
(2,64) "I shall have instantly my vulture, crow, raven, come flying hither on the peck for carrion, my she-wolf and all, greedy and full of expectation" (Volpone) uses scavenging imagery to mock the dupes.
(2,67) "And then to have it ravished......from their mouths?" (Mosca) is both ironic and foreboding as that is what he planes on doing to Volpone.

Section 3

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(3,1) "Turkey carpets......nine" (Mosca), theatrically, mocks the dupes.
(3,39) "Pray you, fairly quit my house......Nay raise no tempest with your looks" (Mosca) mocks Lady Would-Be with her appearance.
(3,40) "Remember what your Ladyship... ...offered me" (Mosca) blackmails Lady Would-Be for offering sex to get on the will.
(3,46) "Oh, my fine......devil" (Volpone) aside after enjoying Mosca's performance.
(3,53) "A declared......cuckold" (Mosca) mocks Corvino for declaring himself a cuckold in court.
(3,74) "Go home and die......and stink" (Mosca) mocks Voltore for his age and fear of death.
(3,87) "But that the will o' the dead......must be observed" (Mosca) uses Voltore's occupation as a lawyer to mock him.
(3,97) "You that have so much law. I know ha' the conscience......not to be covetous of what is mine" (Mosca) uses Voltore's occupation as a lawyer to mock him.
(3,106) "We must pursue as well as plot......who would have lost this feast" (Volpone) describes pursuing and mocking the dupes as a feast.

Section 4

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(4) "To shrink my poor my politic shell" (Sir-Politic)

Section 5

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