Volpone - Act 2

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Section 1

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(1,1) "Sir, to a wise man......all the worlds his soul" (Sir-Politic) to Peregrine. Perhaps Jonson is mocking the stereotypical 'worldly' Englishman of the time.
(1,N/A) "I live from the active torrent" (Sir-Politic) to Pergrine.
(1,N/A) "This......fellow" (Peregrine) mocks Sir-Politic with an aside.
(1,N/A) "This Sir-Pol will be......ignorant of nothing" (Peregrine) mocks Sir-Politic with an aside.

Section 2

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Volpone performsin blank verse.

Section 3

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(3,1) "Blood O' the devil......and my shame" (Corvino) attacks Volpone who is disguised as a Mountebank.
(3,10) "Some trick of state......believe it" (Sir-Politic) shows his ignorance and paranoia when talking to Peregrine"
(3,15) "This knight......I may not lose him for my mirth" (Peregrine) by Sir-Politic.

Section 4

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(4,2) "These blows were nothing......I could bear them ever" (Volpone) claims to be unconcerned by the physical pain.
(4,3) "But angry cupid, bolting from her eyes......hath show himself into me like a flame" (Volpone) uses imagery to emphasise the strength of his attraction to Celia.
(4,7) "The fight is all within me......I cannot live, except thou help, Mosca" (Volpone) shows his dependence on Mosca.

Section 5

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(5,1) "Death of mine honour......with the city's fool" (Corvino) to Celia, this becomes ironic as later in the play he dismisses the concept of honour.
(5,23) "I'll but protest myself a cuckold......and save your dowry" (Corvino) to Celia, and this is ironic because his biggest fear is being labelled a cuckold.
(5,29) "Good sir......have patience" (Celia) shows remarkable restraint.
(5,34) "I should strike this into thee......with as many stabs as thou wert gazed upon with goatish eyes" (Corvino) is incredibly violent and threatening towards Celia.
(5,35) "Alas appeased" (Celia) continues to try and appease Corvino.
(5,50) "I will have this bawdy light......damned up" (Corvino) threatens to keep the window closed.
(5,71) "I will make thee an anatomy, dissect thee mine own self......and read a lecture upon the to the city and in public" (Corvino) ironically threatens to lie about being a cuckold in public.

Section 6

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(6,10) "That damned Mountebank! But for the law......I could kill the rascal" (Corvino), speaking to Mosca, further shows himself to be a violent person.
(6,30) "A flayed ape......clapped to his breast" (Mosca) appeases Corvino by discussing ways he would torture the mountebank.
(6,42) "Your ends on who......I have my whole dependence, sir" (Mosca) subjugates himself before Corvino.

Section 7

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(7,3) "Come dry those tears......I think thou though'st me in earnest" (Corvino) to Celia.
(7,N/A) "Come, I am not jealous"// (Corvino)..."No?" (Celia) uncharacteristically questions Corvino's.
(7,N/A) "We are invited to a solemn feast"//"At old Volpone's......where it shall appear how far i'm free from jealousy or fear" (Corvino) perhaps deliver's this line sinisterly as he intends to prostitute Celia at Volpone's house.

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