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ariddry and lacking rainfall, hot climate with little rain
birthratethe number of births per thousand of population per year
communismgovernment owns things that are used to produce and transport products. No private owned property
continuumthings that are different from each other and exist between 2 different possibilities
cultural covergence different cultures become similar or come together
cultural diffusion spreading and mixing of cultures
cultural divergencewhen culture separates or goes in different direction
democracy government rule by the people
developed country with advanced economy. have industries and provide a conformable way of life for most of their people.
dictatorshiprule, control, leadership by one person with total power
free enterpriseprivate business are able to compete with each other with little control by the government
gross domestic products (GDP)total value of good and services produced within a country in a year
globalizationdevelopment of global society in which people, money, information, and goods flow freely across national borders
hereditary holding position/ little that was passed from generation to generation.
hinderedrealize a task slow, with difficulty
life expectancy average age to which a person can expect to live
literacy rate total percentage of population of an area aged seven years or above who can read and write with understandings.
monarchy government in which a country is ruled by a monarch
monsoonsseasonal wind. Summer monsoon winds in South Asia bring rain to that region
outsourcinghire someone outside the company to do work inside the company
overpopulation too many animals and people are located in a certain area
population density average number of people who live in an unit area, such as a square mile, measures how crowded an area is
population growth rate rate at which the number of individuals in a population increases in a given time period
pull factors something than encourages people to leave a place behind
push factors something than encourages people to move to a new place
recessiontemporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced, identified by a fan in GDP in two successive quarters
refugeesomeone who seeks safety by going another country.
scholarperson who has studied a subject for a long time and knows about it; well educated person
semi ariddry with little rainfall; climate zone hot, dry summers and cool, dry winters
subcontinentlarge, distinguishable part of a continent
theocracy government in which a country is ruled by religious leaders
traditional customs and ways of life handed down from ancestors
urbanizationmovement of people from rural areas to urban areas

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