Vocabulary Workshop Level G

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Unit 1

Question Answer
a survey made for military purposesreconnaissance (n)
to avoid, shuneschew (v)
to imitate with the intent of equaling the modelemulate (v)
to work on excessivelybelabor (v)
revelant, appropriategermane (adj)
to stall in order to gain timetemporize (v)
so great or demanding as not to be satisfiedinsatiable (adj)
habitually quiettaciturn (adj)
commonplacebanal (adj)
tending to find fault, especially in a nasty waycarping (adj, n)
generosity in givinglargesse (n)
capable of being held or defendedtenable (adj)
able to get and retain ideas and infoaquisitive (adj)
holding or sticking together; making a logical wholecoherent (adj)
to change from liquid to solidcongeal (v)
to establish by evidencesubstantiate (v)
to claim or take without rightarrogate (v)
offensive, hatefulinvidious (adj)
refusing to compromiseintransigent (adj)
a formal expression of praiseencomium (n)

Unit 2

Question Answer
desirous of somethingavid
the state of being properpropriety
without delaysummarily
improper treatement of something held sacredsacrilege
an object that serves as a charmtalisman
a comment indicating strong criticismanimadversion
in chess, an opening move that involves riskgambit
open, not hiddenovert
a legendary bird identified with the kingfisherhalcyon
tending to make worsepejorative
pretaining to actors and their techniqueshistrionic
asking humblysuppliant
having a salty taste and unpleasant to drinkbrackish
straying from a direct course, acting in a shfty waydevious
deliberately setting firesincediary
whirlpool of great sizemaelstrom
to move in wavesundulate
to approach and speak firstaccost

Unit 3

Question Answer
to display clearlyevince (v)
nearness in place or timepropinquity (n)
not usual or expectedunwonted (adj)
a visionary view of an deal worldutopian (adj)
lacking in spirit and strengthfeckless (adj)
stimulating to the taste or mindpiquant (adj)
to pronounce distinctlyarticulate (v)
having a gluey qualityviscous (adj)
dark, gloomymurky (adj)
to romp or prace around exuberantlycavort (v)
language that is too wordyverbiage (n)
upset as a result of emotiondistraught (adj)
to disguisedissemble (v)
devloped or created at the very beginningprimordial (adj)
formal statement of commendationeulogy (n)
wickednefarious (adj)
green in colorverdant (adj)
to remove from a graveexhume (v)
beliefcredence (n)
to condemndecry (v)

Unit 4

Question Answer
the wasting away of a body organatrophy (n)
a fortified place, strongholdbastion (n)
a state of agreenment, a treatyconcord (n)
complete or perfect in the highest degreeconsummate (adj)
disorder, confusiondisarray (n)
urgencyexigency (n)
floating debrisflotsam (n)
frenzied, highly agitatedfrenetic (adj)
to gather bit by bitglean (v)
a type of game bird, a compliantgrouse (n)
to imprison, confineincarcerate (v)
obligatory, requiredincumbent (adj)
humorous, jesting, jolly, jokingjocular (adj)
ridiculous, laughableludicrous (adj)
biting or caustic in thought, manner, or stylemordant (adj)
a prickly plantnettle (n)
consisting of or measured in money; of or related to moneypecuniary (adj)
contemptibly cowardly or mean-spiritedpusillanimous (adj)
in a reclining positionrecumbent (adj)
a scheme to outwit an opponentstratagem (n)

Unit 5

Question Answer
sharpness (particularly of the mind or senses)acuity (n)
to portray, sketch, or describe in accurate and vivid detaildelineate (v)
marked by evil and corruptiondepraved (adj)
intended for or understood by only a select fewesoteric (adj)
fruitful in offspring or vegetationfecund (adj)
an arbitrary order or decreefiat (n)
a fabrication of the mindfigment (n)
to acquire as the result of effortgarner (v)
to set apart as holy or sacredhallow (v)
a peculiarity that serves to distinguish or identifyidiosyncrasy (n)
shame and disgraceignominy (n)
earthly, wordlymundane (adj)
a subtle or slight variation (as in color, meaning, quality)nuance (n)
conceited, presumtuous, excessiveoverweening (adj)
a strong attraction or inclinationpenchant (n)
according to reputation or general beliefreputed (adj)
reasoning that seems plausible but is acually a unsoundsophistry (n)
costly, rich, magnificentsumtuous (adj)
present or existing everywhereubiquitous (adj)

Unit 6

Question Answer
degraded; base, contemptibleabject, adj
one who believes nothing can be known about god, a skepticagnostic, n
involvement in a wrongdoingcomplicity, n
someone or something that is abandoned or neglectedderelict, n
a bitter and prolonged verbal attackdiatribe, n
a crude image of a despised personeffigy, n
the state or quality of being just, fair, or impartialequity, n
silly, empty of meaning or valueinane, adj
the act of accusingindictment, n
certain, not to be doubted or deniedindubtable, adj
stopping and beginning again, sporadicintermittent, adj
open to discussion and debate, unresolvedmoot, adj
a principal idea, feature, theme or elementmotif, n
a new convert, beginner, noviceneophyte, n
keenness in observing and understandingperspicacity, n
complete in all aspects or essentialsplenary, adj
a watch kept over a personsurveillance, n
pertaining to or characteristic of forestssylvan, adj
easily irritatedtesty, adj
a grotesque or grossly inferior irritation; a disguise, especially in the clothing of the opposite sextravesty, n

Unit 7

Question Answer
to calm or pacify, to lessen or relieveallay (v)
beastlike, beastly, brutalbestial (adj)
festive, sociableconvivial (adj)
a circle of acquaintancescoterie (n)
a person or thing closely resembling to anothercounterpart (n)
to object or take exception todemur (v)
shameless boldness, impudenceeffrontery (n)
to decorate, adorn, touch upembellish (v)
lasting only a short timeephemeral (adj)
appropriate, apt, well chosen; marked by well being or good fortune, happyfelicitous (adj)
done slyly or stealthilyfurtive (adj)
glaring, tastelessly showy or overdecoratedgarish (adj)
misleading, deceptive; lacking in or not based on realityillusory (adj)
needy, impoverishedindigent (adj)
far too great, exeeding reasonable limitsinordinate (adj)
to cast overboardjettison (v)
a person who hates peoplemisanthrope (n)
very persistentpertinacious (adj)
of little value or importancepicayune (adj)
clothingraiment (n)

Unit 8

Question Answer
to assert without proof or confirmationallege (v)
thoroughgoing, out-and-out, shamless, blatantarrant (adj)
light and playful conversationbadinage (n)
to overcome the distrust of, win over, to appease, pacifyconciliate (v)
to cancel or reverse one order or command with another than is contrary to the firstcountermand (v)
one of a series of grades in an organizationechelon (n)
to make ore violent, severe, bitter, or painfulexacerbate (v)
stupid or foolish in a self-satisfied wayfatuous (adj)
impossible to disprove, beyond argumentirrefutable (adj)
a massive and inescapable force or object that crushes whatever is in its pathjuggernaut (n)
lacking spirit or interest, halfheartedlackadaisical (adj)
a prayer consisting of short appeals to god recited by the leader alternating with responses from the congregationlitany (n)
grisly, gruesome, horrible, distressingmacabre (adj)
an inadequate quantitypaucity (n)
to indicate beforehand that something is about to happenportend (v)
to tear down, destroy completelyraze (v)
to withdraw a statement or belief to which one has previously been committedrecant (v)
to soak thoroghly, fill to capacitysaturate (v)
of a gloomy or surly dispositionsaturnine (adj)
to cast off, discardslough (v)

Unit 9

Question Answer
a shout of welcome; an overwhelming verbal vote of approvalacclamation (n)
characteristic of the countryside, ruralbucolic (adj)
to slander, to accuse falsely and maliciouslycalumniate (v)
extremely cautious, hesitant, slowchary (adj)
secret agreement or cooperationcollusion (n)
a dabbler in the artsdilettante (n)
not easily excited, emotionally steadyimperturbable (adj)
an enlargement, increase, additionincrement (n)
an authoritative command, formal order, to issue such an ordermandate (n, v)
trifling, insignificant, mean, despicable, inferiorpaltry (adj)
a sudden outburst, a spasm, convulsionparoxysm (n)
the act of travelingpreregrination (n)
fragrant, smelling strongly, tending to arouse memoriesredolet (adj)
shining, radiantrefulgent (adj)
a word, expression or custom that distinguishes a particular group of persons from all othersshibboleth (n)
a beginner, novicetyro (n)
not stopping, maintained steadilyunremitting (adj)
to swing indecisively from one idea or course of action to anothervacillate (v)
harshly abusive, severely scoldingvituperative (adj)

Unit 10

Question Answer
with suspicionaskance (adv)
to make thin or slender; to weaken or lessen in force, intensity or valueattenuate (v)
gentle, kind, forgivingbenign (adj)
to find fault in a petty waycavil (v)
one who feigns knowledge or abilitycharlatan (n)
to destroy a large part ofdecimate (v)
a weak pointfoible (n)
to do withoutforgo (v)
full of or loaded withfraught (adj)
to toughen, hardeninure (v)
emitting or reflecting light, glowingluminous (adj)
marked by slavish attentivenessobsequious (adj)
blunt, measuring between 90 and 180 degreesobtuse (adj)
to swing back and forth with a steady rythmoscillate (v)
regretful for one's sins or mistakespenitent (adj)
having the nature of a command that leaves no opportunity for debateperemptory (adj)
to snub, repelrebuff (v)
to engage in reconnaissancereconnoiter (v)
a slaughterhouse, a state of complete disorder and confusionshambles (n)
occurring at irregular intervalssporadic (adj)

Unit 11

Question Answer
to repeal, cancelabrogate (v)
completely surroundingambient (adj)
roughness, severityasperity (n)
to make smooth or glossy by rubbingburnish (v)
a small group working in secretcabal (n)
delightful, deliciously flavoreddelectable (adj)
to express mild disapproval, to belittledeprecate (v)
loose bits and pieces of material resulting from disintegrationdetritus (n)
overflowing with enthusiasmebullient (adj)
drawn from different sourceseclectic (adj)
limp, lacking effectivenessflaccid (adj)
inflexible, beyond influenceinexorable (adj)
dying, on the way outmoribund (adj)
one who claims to reveal the future through magicnecromancer (n)
burdensome, involving hardship or difficultyonerous (adj)
common, widespreadrife (adj)
the parts of any subject or discipline that are learned firstrudiments (n)
to set apartsequester (v)
to get rid of something unwanted, to siftwinnow (v)

Unit 12

Question Answer
pertaining to beauty, artisticaesthetic (adj)
no longer in existence, deaddefunct (adj)
to frustrateor defeatdiscomfit (v)
to take up and support, to marryespouse (v)
an object believed to have magical powersfetish (n)
living together in a herd or group, sociablegregarious (adj)
marked by a persistent absense of good luckhapless (adj)
faultless, beyond criticism or blameimpeccable (adj)
to beg for insistentlyimportune (v)
to insert between other parts or thingsinterpolate (v)
incapable of being repairedirreparable (adj)
concise, using few wordslaconic (adj)
to become weak, feeble, or dulllanguish (v)
given to lying or deceptionmendacious (adj)
the lowest pointnadir (n)
present in all places at all timesomnipresent (adj)
done in a halfhearted mannerperfunctory (adj)
expressive of sorrow or woeplaintive (adj)
to make suitable repaymentrequite (v)
equivalenttantamount (adj)

Unit 13

Question Answer
extremely difficult to understandabstruse (adj)
an open or intentional insultaffront (n)
a false rumorcanard (n)
excessively ready to find faltcaptious (adj)
aware, knowlegeable, informedcognizant (adj)
regretful for some misdeedcontrite (adj)
the center of attraction, attentioncynosure (n)
well behaved, dignifieddecorous (adj)
to think it appropriate or suitable to one's dignity to do somethingdeign (v)
thoroughly dried outdesiccated (adj)
the power to produce a desired resultefficacy (n)
to bring into existenceengender (v)
light, delicate; suggesting what is heavenlyethereal (adj)
the front or face of a building, a surface appearancefacade (n)
revolting in an unnatural or morbid wayghoulish (adj)
unsuitable, incompatibleincongruous (adj)
crafty, scheming, or underhanded action designed to accomplish some (usual evil) endmachination (n)
to hypnotize, entrancemesmerize (v)
disgrace arising from shameful conductopprobrium (n)
generally regarded as such, reputedputative (adj)

Unit 14

Question Answer
blissful, rendering or making blessedbeatific (adj)
a creature of enormous sizebehemoth (n)
anything designed to flatter or coaxblandishment (n)
harsh-sounding, raucous, discordant, dissonantcacophonous (adj)
trickery, deceptive practices or tacticschicanery (n)
to give over to another's care, charge, or controlconsign (v)
a sudden takeover of power or leadershipcoup (n)
a mild or inoffensive expression used in place of a harsh oneeuphemism (n)
feverishfebrile (adj)
to deny, contradict, controvertgainsay (v)
about to happen, threateningimminent (adj)
natural, inborn, inherentinnate (adj)
unwilling, reluctant, disinclinedloath (adj)
clear, evident to the eyes or mindmanifest (Adj)
small or trivial detailsminutiae (n, pl)
a suspension of activitymoratorium (n)
an alleged cure-allnostrum (n)
one who is rejected by a social group or organizationpariah (n)
not practical, having the nature of a fantasy or dreamvisionary (adj)
dry, shrunken, and wrinkledwizened (adj)

Unit 15

Question Answer
that which is pleasant or agreeableamenity (n)
an opening, gap, holeaperture (n)
difference of opinion, discontentdissidence (n)
devoted to the pursuit of pleasure, fond of good foodepicurean (adj)
not thrifty, failing to plan aheadimprovident (adj)
wickedness, sininiquity (n)
sacred; of such a character that it must not be brokeninviolable (adj)
open to or capable of change, ficklemutable (adj)
just beginning to exist or developnascent (adj)
a deep bow or other body movement indicating respect or submissionobeisance (n)
formal or elaborate praisepanegyric (n)
a device for publicly punishing offenderspillory (n)
a woefully meager allowancepittance (n)
to predictpresage (v)
descendantsprogeny (n)
to proclaimpromulgate (v)
uprightness, correctnessrectitude (n)
restless, hard to managerestive (adj)
angelic, heavenlyseraphic (adj)
to have existence, to remain alivesubsist (v)