Vocabulary Topic 1

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absolute valueThe distance that a number is from zero on a number line
additve inverse (opposite)The opposite or AI of an number a is -a. The sum of opposites is 0
algebraic expressionA mathematical phrase that includes one or more variable
baseA # that is multiplied repeatedly
coefficientThe numerical factor when a term has a variable
constantA term that has no variable factor
counterexampleAn example showing that a statement i fal
deductive reasoningA process od reasoning logically from given facts to a conclusion
EvaluateTo substitute a given number for each variable, then simplify
exponentA number that shows repeated multiplication
index of a rootA way of writing multiplications that have many repeated terms
integersWhole numbers and their opposites
irrational numberA # that cannot be written as a ratio of two numbersin decimal form are nonterminaing and nonrepeateing
like termsTerms with exactly the same variable factorsin a variable expression
modelingMaking somethn that is made to be like another thing
Multiplicative inverse (reciprocal)Given a nonzero rational number a/b the MI or reciprocal is b/a. The product is 1
natural numbersThe counting numbers
Perfect squaresNumbers whose square roots are integers
PowerThe base and the exponent of an expression of the form a^n.
QuantityAnything that can be measured or counted
RadicalAn expression made up of radical symbol and a radicand
RadicandThe expression under the radical sign
Rational numbersa real number that can be written as a ratio of two integers. Rational numbers in decimal form are terminating or repeating
Real numbera number that is either rational or irrational
Simplifyto replace an expression with its simplest name or form.
Square roota number b such that a^2=b. The square root of b is the principal square root. The opposite of the square root of b is the negative square root
Unit ratea rate with a denominator of 1.
Variablea symbol, usually a letter, that represents one or more numbers.
Whole numbersthe nonnegative numbers

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