Vocabulary Sort junct , jion , jug

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Question Answer
Conjunction A word that jions two phrases
Disjionted Not connected ; having no flow in thinking
JugularA vien that carries blood back to the heart from the head ; a vien that jions the head and the heart .
JunctionThe place where teo highways or two sets of rialroad traks cross or jion .
JionTo get together or meet ; to become included .
Conjioned Jioned together ; combined ; united .
JiontA place or part of the body where to bones jion together , usually so they can move
Conjugate To jion together or match a correct verb in grammer
Jion CommitteeA committee with members from both the senate and the house of representitives who jion together and meet to discuss issues .
Rejion To meet or get together agian