Vocabulary Power Plus 1-7

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Question Answer
factiouscausing disagreement
ignobledishonorable; shameful
boora rude or impolite person
aegisa shield; protection
perspicacitykeenness of judgment
ferventeager; earnest
rectifyto correct; to make right
enervateto weaken
besiegeto overwhelm; to surround and attack
ephemerallasting only a brief time; short-lived
altruisma concern for others; generosity
carriondecaying flesh
eroticpertaining to sexual love
amorphousshapeless, formless, vague
opulentrich, luxurious; wealthy
impotentpowerless; lacking strength
antithesisan exact opposite; an opposite extreme
maelstromwhirlpool; turbulence; agitated state of mind
emendationa correction
chagrinembarrassment; a complete loss of courage
baublea showy but useless thing
diaphanousvery sheer and light
labyrintha complicated network of winding passages; a maze
gloatto look at or think about with great satisfaction
impedimenta barrier; obstruction
bestialsavage; brutal
effeteworn out; barren
sharda fragment
blandmild; tasteless; dull
nihilisma total rejection of established laws
pedestrianordinary or dull
bona fidein good faith
adventitiousaccidental; nonessential
fecundfertile; productive
deviateto turn aside form a course; to stray
obfuscateto confuse; to bewilder
impaleto pierce with a sharp stake through the body
extenuateto lessen seriousness by providing partial excuses
parochiallocal; narrow; limited
glowerto stare angrily
edifyimprove someone morally
ambiguousopen to more than one interpretation
cataclysma violent change
optimumbest; most favorable; ideal
importuneto ask persistently; to beg
celibateabstaining from intercourse; unmarried
fortuitoushappening by chance or accident
recapitulateto summarize; to repeat briefly
perfunctorydone without care; in a routine fashion
baroqueoverly decorated
hedonismpursuit of pleasure, especially of the senses
obloquystrong disapproval; a bad reputation resulting from public criticism
debaclea complete failure; a total collapse
quasi-resembling; seeming; half
besmirchto make dirty; to stain
imperativeextremely necessary; vitally important
sacrosanctextremely holy
sadisticderiving pleasure from inflicting pain on others
demeanorbehavior; manner of conducting oneself
facetiouscomical; jocular; flippant
fopan excessively fashion-conscious man
imprecationa curse
non sequitursomething that does not logically follow
sanguinecheerful; optimistic
bowdlerizeto remove offensive passages of a play, novel, etc.
impairto weaken; to cause to become worse
panegyrican expression of praise
quandarya puzzling situation; a dilemma
deferencerespect; consideration
carnalrelating to physical appetite, especially sexual
nebuloushazy; vague; uncertain
rakishdashingly stylish and confident
elegya sad or mournful poem
pedantictending to show off one's learning
antipathyan intense dislike
elucidateto make clear
imminentlikely to happen; threatening
banalcommon, ordinary
obduratestubborn; hardhearted
peruseto read carefully; scrutinize
bedlama noisy uproar; a scene of wild confusion
affluencewealth; richness
scurrilouscoarsely abusive; vulgar
parodya work which imitates another in a ridiculous matter
seduloushard working; diligent
onerousburdensome; heavy; hard to endure
amorallacking a sense of right and wrong
eschewto keep away from; to avoid; to shun
denouementan outcome; result
adroitskillful; clever
macroscopicvisible to the naked eye
fatuousfoolish; inane
bovinepertaining to cows or cattle
ferretto search or drive out
affectationa phony attitude; pose
knella sound made by a bell, often rung slowly for a death or funeral
dichotomya division into two parts
callow young and inexperienced
laconicusing few words; short; concise
quiddityan essential quality
patentevident or obvious
peccadilloa minor offense; a misdeed
sagaciouswise; having keen perception and sound judgment
rationalizeto make an excuse for
derideto ridicule; to mock
censureto criticize sharply
gambolto frolic; to romp about playfully
immolateto kill someone as a sacrificial victim, usually by fire
reconditedifficult to understand; profound
martineta strict disciplinarian; taskmaster
quagmirea swamp; a difficult or inextricable situation
gibeto scoff; to ridicule
agapeopen-mouthed; surprised; agog
carcinogencausing cancer
olfactorypertaining to smell
imperiousdomineering; haughty
grotesqueabsurd; distorted
neologisma new word or expression
hackneyedcommonplace; overused
machinationan evil design or plan
pejorativehaving a negative effect; insulting
harbingeran omen or sign
nubilesuitable for marriage in age and physical development, referring to a female
sapientwise; full of knowledge
chimericalimaginary; fantastic
masochistone who enjoys his or her own pain and suffering
finessediplomacy; tact; artful management
heterogeneousdifferent; dissimilar
eclecticchoosing from various sources
grandioseimpressive; showy; magnificent
raimentclothing; garments
blanchto whiten; to make pale
hybridanything of mixed origin
idiosyncrasya peculiar personality trait
idolatryexcessive or blind adoration; the worship of an object
adulterateto make impure; to contaminate
emanateto come forth; to send forth
garishtastelessly gaudy
immutableunchangeable; fixed
diadema crown
bucolicpertaining to the countryside; rural; rustic
redolenthaving a pleasant odor; suggestive or evocative
impecuniouswithout money; penniless
seditionrebellion or resistance against the government
defileto pollute; to corrupt
gratuitousunnecessary or uncalled for
onusa burden; a responsibility
impiousdisrespectful toward God
caveata warning
elixira supposed remedy for all ailments
dessicateddried up
cessationa stopping; a discontinuance
juxtaposeto place side-by-side for comparison
kineticpertaining to motion
fetishan object that receives respect or devotion
scintillateto sparkle; to twinkle; to sparkle intellectually
lachrymosetearful, weepy
fissurean opening; a groove; a split
epitomea typical example
languidsluggish; drooping from weakness
delineateto describe; to depict
legerdemainsleight of hand; deception
libertineone who leads an immoral life
halcyoncalm; pleasant
fastidioushard to please; fussy
badinageplayful, teasing talk
malapropisma word humorously misused
garnerto gather; to acquire
kismetdestiny; fate; fortune (one's lot in life)
hegiraflight; escape
paradigma model; an example
debaucherycorruption; self-indulgence
milieuenvironment; setting
regressto move backward
biliousbad tempered; cross
necromancymagic, especially that practiced by a witch
gumptioncourage and initiative; common sense
nirvanaa condition of great peace or happiness
salutaryhealthful; wholesome
despicablecontemptible; hateful
harlequina clown
empathyan understanding of another's feelings
brevitybriefness; short duration
savanta person of extensive learning; an eminent scholar
obsequiousexcessively submissive or overly attentive
redundantrepetitious; using more words than needed
offalgarbage; waste parts
hoi polloicommon people; the masses
sentientconscious; capable of feeling or perceiving
impingeto encroach; to trespass
cataracta large waterfall
bombasimpressive but meaningless language
orthographycorrect spelling
paleontologya science dealing with prehistoric life through the study of fossils
recoilto retreat; to draw back
panacheself-confidence; a showy manner
saturninegloomy; sluggish
endemicconfined to a particular country or area
mendaciouslying; false; deceitful
obviateto prevent; to get around
aggrandizeto increase the range of; to expand; to make appear larger
paroxysma sudden outburst; a fit
deignto lower oneself before an inferior
flauntto show off
shibboletha word or pronunciation that distinguishes someone as of a particular group
elicitto draw forth; to call forth
orificemouth; opening
hallowto make holy
perditiondamnation; ruin; hell
chaffworthless matter
aestheticpertaining to beauty
empiricalbased on practical experience rather than theory
germanerelevant; fitting
hermetictightly sealed
meretriciousattractive in a cheap, flashy way
querulouscomplaining; grumbling
hospicea shelter for travelers, orphans, or the ill or destitute
egregiousremarkably bad; outrageous
ratiocinateto reason; to think
fomentto stir up; to incite