Vocabulary frail fract frag

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fractels a geometrical or physical structure having an irregular or fragmented shape at all scales of measurement between a greatest and smallest scale such that certain mathematical or physical properties of the structure, as the perimeter of a curve or the flow rate in a porous medium, behave as if the dimensions of the structure (fractal dimensions) are greater than the spatial dimensions.
fractiona part as distinct from the whole of anything; portion or section:
fracturethe breaking of a bone, cartilage, or the like, or the resulting condition.
fragileeasily broken, shattered, or damaged; delicate; brittle; frail:
fragement a part broken off or detached:
fragmentedexisting or functioning as though broken into separate parts; disorganized; disunified:
fraileasily broken or destroyed; fragile.
infractionbreach; violation; infringement:
refractto subject to refraction.
suffragethe right to vote, especially in a political election.