Vocabulary CWS 2

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Question Answer
laconicmarked by the use of few words: terse / concise
Garrulousgiven to excessive, often trivial or rambling talk, tiresomely talkative
mollifyto calm the anger or soothe or appease
Euphony pleasant sound
Omnipotentall powerful
Omniscientall knowing
Omnipresentpresent everywhere at the same time or widely/ widespread
Omnivoreeating both vegetarian & non-vegetarian food
Omnitheista believer in all religions
Decapitateto remove the head, an attempt to undermine a group or an organisation by removing its leaders
Recapitulatesummarise and state again the main points
Vacillation the inability to decide between different opinions
Chivalrousa man that is courteous especially towards women
Cadaverousa person that is very pale, thin, or bony
GullibleEasily taken in, tricked or cheted
Naivehaving or expressing innocence
Ingeniouscleverly inventive or resourceful
Indigenousnative; produced, growing, or living, naturally in a country
Ingenouslacking in sophistication or worldliness
Diffidentlack of confidence in one's own ability
ProfuseSpending or giving freely
Urbanepolite and often elegant in manner, well mannered
Plethoraan excess of something
PhilandererA guy who likes women
DichotomousDivided or Dividing into two parts or classifications
EpitomeA representative or perfect example of a class or type
Voraciousengaging in an activity with great eagerness or enthusiasm
Destituteextremely poor and lacking the means to provide oneself
Clichea phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought
Clandestinekept secret or done secretively
Abstrusedifficult to understand
Didacticintended to teach, particularly in having moral instruction as an ulterior motive
Flagrant glaringly bad or notorious
Commiserateexpress of feel sympathy or pity; sympathise
Surreptitiousnessdone, acquired etc. in secret or by improper means
Eulogizepraise highly in speech or writing
Cryptichaving a meaning that is mysterious or obscure or coded
Equivocalsubject to two or more interpretation and usually used to mislead or confuse

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