Vocabulary chapter 9

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Question Answer
the buying and selling of religious or blessed articles as well as church offices. Simony
members of some orders; means brothersfriars
a special church court commissioned by the pope to stamp out heresy. Inquisition
the suspension of public church services and of the administration of all sacraments (expect baptism and extreme unction) in a given location. Interdict
military expeditions from the West to free the East from the Muslims Crusades
to punish an individual by depriving him of the sacraments and excluding him from the fellowship of the church. Excommunication
any teaching contrary to the Roman Catholic Church Heresy
uniform laws in England determined by justicesCommon Law
recognized the right of the church to elect its own bishops and abbots and to invest them in spiritual authority; elections had to be held in the presence of the emperor or his representatives. Concordat of Worms
claim kings and nobles not only to appoint church officials but also to invest them with their religious authority Lay Investiture
monastic orders who labored to bring about reform by living and preaching among the people; they begged for their daily sustenance. Mendicant Orders