Vocabulary 8-16

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Lesson 8


Question Answer
gauntvery thin and bony, especially from sickness
undueinappropriately excessive
guerillaa member of an independent band of soldiers that engages in raids and surprise attacks
miremuddy, swampy ground
sectora part of division
begetto produce; to make happen
educeto draw or bring out
gleanto collect bit by bit; to gather with patient labor
chafeto wear or irritate, often through rubbing or friction
effronteryshameless boldness
imbibeto drink; to absorb into the body
feignto pretend
desistto stop; to discontinue
alludeto hint at; to refer indirectly
elitethe choice members or best of a group

Lesson 9

Question Answer
bilkto cheat or swindle; to thwart
homilya sermon
demisedeath; a ceasing to exist
emitto send out; to give forth, as in sound or light
decadencemoral deterioration
aghastfeeling great dismay or horror
granary a store house for grain
cholericeasily angered
impedeto hinder; to obstruct
qualma feeling of uneasiness
lampoona written satire used to ridicule or attack someone
narcissisticconceited; having excessive self-love
eradicateto wipe out; to destroy
fabricateto concoct; to make up a story in order to deceive
ghastlyhorrible; frightful

Lesson 10

Question Answer
falliblecapable of error
blatantobvious; to conspicuous
dawdleto waste time
affiliatean associate; a partner
fawnto act slavishly submissive
calumnya false and malicious accusation
berateto scold or rebuke severely and at length
miniona submissive, servile follower
desolatelonely; forlorn; uninhabited; barren
banethe cause of ruin, harm, distress, or death
pacifyto calm down
garbleto mix up or distort
prevaricateto lie
filchto steal
neophytea beginner

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