Vocabulary 7

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Section 1

Question Answer
adventan arrival, a coming into place or view
exorbitant unreasonable high; excessive
inundateto flood, overflow; to overwhelm by numbers or size
malignto speak evil of, slander
metropolis a large city
obstreperousnoisy; unruly, disorderly
shoddyof poor quality, characterized by inferior aimlessly
vagrantan idle, wanderer tramp
apexthe highest point
assimilateto absorb fully; to adopt as one's own, to adapt fully
bogusfalse, counterfeit
interimthe time between, temporary, coming between two points in time
meanderto wander about, wind about; a sharp turn or twist
momentousvery important
pensivethoughtful, melancholy
Sprightly Lively, full of life, spicy
surly Angry and bad-tempered; rude
tiradea long, angry speech, usually even critical

Section 2

Question Answer
s. incorporated assimilated
s. Roamed meander
s. Rowdy Obstreperous
s. arrivaladvent
s. flimsyshoddy
s. urban centermetropolis
s. crowing point apex
s. provisionalinterim
s. good- byeadieu
s. portentousmomentous
s. animatedsprightly
s. Wistful pensive
s. driftersvagrant
s. overwhelminundate
s. haranguetirade
a. friendlysurly
a. reasonableexorbitant
a. genuinebogus
a. praisemalign
a. Safe perilous