Vocabulary 2

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1.Seismicvery great or important
2.Diffusionspreading of something widely
3.Plaguelarge number of annoying thing
4.Renderto give to someone,cede,deliver
5.rapidquickly, happening short period of time
6.customizedto change that something in to requirement of customer
8.fosterto help grow or develop
9.stormsudden ocurence of something in large amount
10.Radicalit is very new and different from what is traditional or ordinary,having extreme support,crazy
11.archaicvery old fashioned,no longer used
12.very noisydefening
13.very oftenfrequently
14.very painfulexcruciating
15.exoticvery different,unusual
16.sclapson top position
18.trajectorycurved path along which something moves
19.invincibleimpossible to defeat
20.culminatedto reach the end of the final result
21.entouragegroup of people who go with assist an important person,train
22.disengageto separate from something
26.seamline where two pieces of wood,metal,jointogether,
27.riddlemisleading or difficult to understand
28.ridiculeact of making fun someone
30.affidavitagreement signed by two persons the information is true
31.certainnot having any doubt
32.frozenincapable of change,treated,affected
33.paveto cover with material (such as stone,tar)that forms hard level\
34.eventuallycoming or happening later
35.venturestart something new or different
38.refrainto stop yourself from doing something
39.ambiencefeeling assosciated with particular place,suurounding
40.starvation suffering (or) death caused by not having to eat (or) not enough to eat
41.frusturation feeling of anger,unable to do some thing
42.infiltrationsecretly enter
43.embargogovt order that limit the trade in some way
44.linguistscientific study of language and structure
45.accrediatedto send some one as an to act as an official representative,to give (someone) credit for something
46.barred prohibited,banned
47.dialecta particular form of a language which is peculiar to a specific region or social group.
48.depictrepresent by drawing or painting
49.avalanchelarge amount of snow or ice that fall down from side of mountain,sudden great amount of something
50.fatality death results from disaster,accident etc

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