Vocabulary 2

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Question Answer
Aborigine Natives, first inhabitants
AdroitClever, skillful, dexterous
Altruism Thoughtfulness, unselfishness, concern for others
Animosity I'll will, hostility, enmity
AppositeFitting, appropriate, apt
Bourgeois Conventional, middle-class, respectable, mediocre
Cerebration Thinking, using the brain,
Co adjutorHelper, assistant, co-operator
Corroboration Confirmation, making certain
CulpableMuch to blame, deserving of censure, deserving of reproach
Dichotomy Division into two parts, split, dualism
DotageFeeble old age, second childhood, senility
EnigmaPuzzle, mystery, riddle
Fecundity Production, fruitfulness, prolificness
Flamboyant Showy, flowery, bombastic
ForteStrong point, specialty, what excels in
GamutScale, range, extent
Hypothetical Theoretical, logical, conjectural
ImpetusEnergy of motion, push, stimulus
InchoateJust beginning, rudimentary, incipient
Indolence Laziness, inertia, relaxed inexertion
Innocuous Harmless, mild, uninjurious
Invidious Offensive, unjust, unfair
LicentiousImmoral, lewd, libertine
MaimedDisabled, mutilated, crippled
Meretricious False, flashy, specious
NadirRock bottom, low point, the depths
NexusBinding force, link, tie
NonentityA nobody, person of no influence, unnoticed person
ObviatePrevented, made unnecessary, avoided
OpulentLuxurious, sleek, affluent
PaucityInsufficiency, lack, scarcity
PetulantBad tempered, peevish, irritable
PlacidStill, calm, tranquil
Profligate Wasteful, careless, extravagant
PuissantStrong, mighty, potent
Querulous Peevish, fretful, nagging
ReconditeComplicated, difficult to grasp, abstruse
RetinueEscort, attentive group, suite
SalientNoticeable, outstanding, important
Saturnine Grave, morose, taciturn
SonorousDeep, rich, resonant
SpuriousFalse, fake, counterfeit
SucculentJuicy, pleasant, delicious
TorpidSluggish, inactive, lethargic
Turbid Muddy, cloudy
UxoriousFond of his wife, doting on his wife
ViragoScolding, I'll tempered wife, shrew
Voluable Talkative, glib, loquacious