Vocabulary 1-15 (smaller) REVIEW

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gallshameless boldness; nerve
parryto deflect or evade a blow, especially in swordfighting
cognitateto think deeply
transpireto happen; take place
ruffiana brutal, lawless person


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licentiousmorally unrestrained
numismatista coin collector
paucitya scarcity; a lack
fatalisticbelieving that all events in life are inevitable
obtrudeto force oneself into a situation uninvited
pensivedreamily thoughtful


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lackadaisicaluninterested; listless
alienateto turn away from feelings or affections
elatedin high spirits; exultantly proud and joyful
epigrama witty saying expressing a single thought
proseordinary writing or speech, other than poetry or music


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renaissancea revival or rebirth, especially in thinking or activity
surchargea charge added to the usual cost
enshroundto cover up; to conceal
broachto bring up a subject for discussion
amalgamate to combine
dementedmentally ill; insane


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honeto sharpen
beleaguerto besiege by encircling (as with an army); to harass
gorgeto eat or swallow greedily
antiquatedno longer used or useful; very old
opiatea narcotic used to cause sleep or bring relief from pain
caricaturean exaggerated portrayal of one's features
dallyto waste time, to dawdle


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feloniouspertaining to or constituting a major crime
insurrectiona rebellion against established authority or government
thesisa proposed idea that has yet to be proven
maulto injure by beating and rough treatment
deliberateto consider carefully, especially as a group
foruma meeting or meeting place for a public discussion


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edificea large, elaborate structure; an imposing building
ambidextrous equally skillful with either hand
animateto give life or motion to


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knead to work dough or clay into a uniform mixture
chauvinistone having a fanatical devotion to a country,gender, or religion, and displaying contempt for other countries, the opposite sex, or other beliefs
egalitarianpromoting equal rights for all people
berserkin a state of violent or destructive rage


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ostentatiousmarked by a conspicuous, showy, or pretentious display
deludeto mislead; fool
compositemade up seperate parts


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navigableable to be passed or traversed, especially for ships
accentuateto emphasize
transcribeto write out or copy information, usually by hand


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fruitionthe attainment or completion of something desired
eludeto escape notice; to get away from
fallowinactive; unproductive
blightanything that destroys, prevents growth, or causes devalution
obsequya funeral rite or ceremony


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denizenan occupant; an inhabitant
fealtyobligated loyalty or faithfulness
enticeto attract by offering reward or pleasure
gratifyto please


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laggarda slow person, especially one who falls behind
gambita maneuver or action used to gain an advantage
ingratea person who offers no thanks
status quothe existing situation or state of affairs
jeopardizeto put in danger


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waylayto interrupt or attack unexpectedly
interveneto interferer with events, usually to improve
jadedworn out; dulled, as from overindulgence
gistthe main point
advocateto recommend; to speak in favor of
effaceto obliterate; to wipe out
charismapersonal appeal or attraction; magnetism
ogrea brute; large monster; a frightful giant
mesmerizeto hypnotize
entityanything having existence, either physical or mystical
bandyto exchange words; to discuss casually
dastardlycowardly and treacherous


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indisposedslightly ill
starkgrim and barren
commandeerto seize property for official use
sallyto rush forward suddely, usually from a defensive position
cadencethe rhythmic flow of an activity, especially marching
nepotismfavoritism shown to family or friends by those in power, especially in business or hiring practices
begrudgeto resent another's success; to envy
mandarinan influential person; a member of an elite group
glutinousgluey; sticky
enmitydeep-seated hostility, often mutual


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declaimto speak in a dramatic, impassioned, or blustering manner
imbueto inspire or influence; to saturate
gafflean embarrassing public mistake or remark
quaffto drink in large quantities; to gulp
bibiophilea lover of books
primevalof the ancient, first ages of the world
doteto show excessive love for
tenurethe period of time a job lasts
laminateto make by bonding layers together
substantiateto support with proof or evidence
gird to prepare for an event or an action
dauntto make afraid; discourage


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fluxa state of continual change or movement
hovela wretched living place; an open shed
cadaverousof or like a corpse; pale; gaunt; thin
gothicof the middle ages; of or relating to a mysterious, grotesque, and desolate style of fiction
penuryextreme poverty
egressan exit; a means of going out
exuberancehigh spirits; happy enthusiasm
despota dictator with absolute power


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gauntvery thin and bony, especially from sickness
undueinappropriately excessive
guerillaa member of an independent band of soldiers that engages in raids and surprise attacks
miremuddy, swampy ground
sectora part of division
begetto produce; to make happen
educeto draw or bring out
gleanto collect bit by bit; to gather with patient labor


Question Answer
chafeto wear or irritate, often through rubbing or friction
effronteryshameless boldness
imbibeto drink; to absorb into the body
feignto pretend
desistto stop; to discontinue
alludeto hint at; to refer indirectly
elitethe choice members or best of a group


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bilkto cheat or swindle; to thwart
homilya sermon
demisedeath; a ceasing to exist
emitto send out; to give forth, as in sound or light
decadencemoral deterioration
aghastfeeling great dismay or horror
granary a store house for grain


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cholericeasily angered
impedeto hinder; to obstruct
qualma feeling of uneasiness
lampoona written satire used to ridicule or attack someone
narcissisticconceited; having excessive self-love


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eradicateto wipe out; to destroy
fabricateto concoct; to make up a story in order to deceive
ghastlyhorrible; frightful
falliblecapable of error


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blatantobvious; too conspicuous
dawdleto waste time
affiliatean associate; a partner


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fawnto act slavishly submissive
calumnya false and malicious accusation
berateto scold or rebuke severely and at length
miniona submissive, servile follower
desolatelonely; forlorn; uninhabited; barren


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banethe cause of ruin, harm, distress, or death
pacifyto calm down
garbleto mix up or distort
prevaricateto lie
filchto steal


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neophytea beginner
flagrantglaringly bad; outrageous
patricianan aristocrat
emissaryone sent on a special mission to represent others
kindredhaving a similar origin, nature, or character
fracasa loud quarrel or fight
lacerateto tear (flesh) jaggedly
futileuseless pointless
immaculatespotless; perfect
gaitthe manner of walking
carpto complain or find fault in a petty or nagging way
queryto ask; to inquire


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queuea line of people or vehicles
nefariousvery wicked; notorious
genesisthe beginning; origin
facadea deceptive outward appearance; a misrepresentation
delugea flood; an overwhelming rush


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catholicuniversal; wide-ranging
eerieweird; mysterious; strange and frightening
martialwarlike; relating to the military
anthropomorphicattributing human
beneficiaryone who receives benefits
careento swerve or lurch from side to side while in motion


Question Answer
guileslyness and cunning in dealing with others
modicuma small amount
festerto grow worse over time; to rot
languishto become weak or feeble; to lose strength
pallsomething that covers or conceals
havocgreat destruction; chaos


Question Answer
rancidhaving a bad taste or smell; spoiled
holocausta great or complete destruction of life
embroilto draw into a conflict or fight
anachronismsomething or someone existing outside of its proper time
denigrateto attack the reputation of; to speak ill of
humanekind; compassionate
effusiveemotionally excessive; overly demonstrative
defunctno longer in existance


Question Answer
lackeya slavish follower
envisageto form a mental picture
lamentto mourn
gapeto stare with an open mouth
impertinentrude and disrespectful
nemesissomeone or something a person cannot conquer or achieve; a hated enemy
lethaldeadly; fatal


Question Answer
loftysuperior in style or tone; distinguished
catalysta person, thing, or agent that causes or speeds up a reaction or change without itself being changed
jargonvocabulary distinctive to a particular group of people
judiciousshowing sound judgement
foiblea minor weakness in character


Question Answer
benedictionthe act of blessing
frivoloustrivial; silly
alacrityliveliness; willingness; eagerness


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deifyto make a god of; to look upon or worship as a god
carnagebloody and extensive slaughter
impelto push into motion to
epitaphan inscription on a tombstone; a brief comment about a deceased person
harpto persist in talking continuously (on or about something)
lateralof or relating to the side
pallidpale; faint in color


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impetuousacting suddenly without thought
adjunctconnected or attached to in a dependent, sub ordinance, or auxiliary manner, but not an inherent part of
macabrehorribel; grim
farcicalabsurd; ridiculously clumsy


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debonaircarefree and self-confident in manner; elegant and gracious
penchanta strong liking
depleteto use up gradually
chicanerythe use of tricks or clever talk to deceive or evade


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feistyagressive; lively; energetic
mitigateto make less severe; to become milder
gullto cheat; to fool or hoax
nadirthe lowest point


Question Answer
equivocalambiguous; intentionally vague
genealogyfamily history
imperviousincapable of being affected
filialof, relating to, or befitting son or daughter